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Social care is received by people who are able to provide for themselves. B. Social control is meant for individuals who have violated norms.

C. Social control is provided only to the individuals who ask for it. D. Social care imposes restrictions on clients’ lives and their independence. Correct: The Correct Answer is: B. The recipients of social care are individuals who cannot provide for themselves. On the other hand, social control services are meant for individuals who are able to care for themselves but have not adhered to the norms of society in doing so or have simply failed to do so.

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Who among the following is likely to receive social control rather than social care? A. A victim of a road accident B. A person with a mental illness C. A teenager convicted of illicit drug use D. A malnourished child The Correct Answer is: C. Social control aims to restrict or monitor the independence of clients because they have violated the norms of society.

A teenager who is convicted of illicit drug use is one example of a client who requires social control services. 3. Jan, a human services professional, is helping Philip, who was severely injured in an accident.After the accident, Philip finds it difficult to function without assistance from others. Jan has made treatment plans to help Philip achieve the level of independence he enjoyed before the accident. Which aspect of human services is illustrated in the scenario? A.

Rehabilitation B. Social control C. Self-sufficiency D. Psychotherapy The Correct Answer is: A.

The aim of rehabilitation is to help an individual get back to an earlier level of functioning and independence. People with physical disabilities and individuals who have suffered psychological trauma are examples Of clients ho need rehabilitative services. . What is the goal of rehabilitation? A. Allowing an individual to return to an earlier level of functioning B. Restricting or monitoring an individual’s independence C. Helping individuals become more financially secure D. Helping individuals adjust to a culturally different environment Rehabilitation aims to enable an individual return to an earlier level of functioning.

For example, rehabilitative services can help an accident victim achieve a level of independence that he or she enjoyed earlier. Concept: The interdisciplinary approach of human services 5.Allay, a human set-vices professional, is gathering information about one of her clients.

Allay has been spending time trying to understand her client’s cultural background so that she has a broader perspective of the client and his needs. What discipline is Allay using to assess her client’s complete situation? A. Management B. Sociology C. Psychology D.

Behaviorism Sociology examines the influence of a society on its individuals. The discipline allows human services professionals to understand how different aspects of culture and life affect individuals. 6. Identify the true statement about anthropology. A.

It deals primarily with the functions of the brain. B. It involves the study Of pathological causes Of mental illnesses. C.

It focuses on the cultural and environmental influences on people. D. It involves the study of behavior of individuals under controlled conditions. Anthropology focuses on how individuals develop culturally, socially, and physically. It also examines what role culture has in the lives of people and how their customs and beliefs vary. Which discipline encompasses different theories of development that deal with behavioral patterns and skills associated with different age groups? A.

Sociology B. Psychology C.Human resources D. Management Psychology is the study of mind and behavior which encompasses all aspects of the human experience like child development, care for the aged, and functions of the brain. Many theories of psychology deal with behavior, thinking, and feelings of human beings.

Concept: Societal attitudes toward human services before the 19th century 8. Identify the true statement about human services before the 19th century. A. There were special facilities for individuals with mental disabilities long before the colonization of America. B. Church wardens and governors rather than medical professionals determined insanity.

C. A system of district workhouses to care for the poor was established in the early 1 6th century. D. Almshouses were built by the colonies especially for vagrants and poor strangers. Before the 19th century, the treatment of mental illness was not given much attention. Mental illness was not even considered as a medical problem. Determining insanity was the duty of officials like church wardens and governors and not of medical professionals.

9. Identify a feature of human services in the US before the 1 9th century. A.

Unlike England, the colonies in the United States did not develop institutions for the poor. B.Philosophies such as Social Darwinism greatly impacted human services in colonial America. C. District workhouses were developed to accommodate needy strangers and vagrants.

D. People with mental illnesses, criminals, and the able-bodied poor were accommodated in almshouses. The Correct Answer is: D. Before the 19th century, the colonies developed almshouses to support the needy. The almshouses accommodated dependents like people with physical or mental illnesses, the aged, children, criminals, and the able-bodied poor.

0. What principle of the Elizabethan Poor Law influenced human services in the united States before the 19th century?A. The primary responsibility of caring for needy individuals rests with their families. B. Poverty arises from the failures of individuals and thus, they should not receive support from the government. C. Government assistance provided for the poor should be less than the least wages that can be earned.

D. Individuals with physical or mental disabilities should not be allowed to live with their families. One of the principles of the Elizabethan law stated that the responsibility of eddy individuals must be taken up by their families.Needy individuals who had family members were not given public assistance. Concept: The changes in societal attitude toward human services in the 1 9th century Mastery 11.

What was the purpose of the Poor Law Reform Bill of 1834? A. To establish a limitation on the services available for the poor B. To provide a higher number of individuals With the right to public assistance C. To limit medical assistance for people with mental illnesses D. To increase the amount of wages paid to the poor The poor Law Reform Bill of 1 834 imposed a limitation on the services and revisions by the poor.The bill stated that assistance to any individual in need should be lower than the lowest wage that can be earned.

12. What opinion is a supporter Of Social Darwinism most likely to hold? A. Every poor individual must get assistance from the government. B. Poverty arises out of misfortune and unscrupulous business practices. C. The provisions of human services should be expanded. D.

Attempts to help the less fortunate hamper progress. Incorrect: Supporters of Social Darwinism believed that efforts attempts to help the less fortunate and the poor come in the way of progress.

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