Human Resource Is The Most Important Asset essay

In an organization, employees are segregates onto operational roles and administrative roles. Operational roles are mostly handling with day to day task like operating machineries, physical picking Of goods, helpless support or on-site supervising, depending on the specialization of industry. While administrative roles are more on handling customers enquiries or request, preparing documents, reports and order processing.

They are either trained during their on job training or having industry working experience to be able to execute with their daily task. It is important that a veteran worker needs to be able to execute daily task with gig efficiency and accuracy in their job, as well as provide guidance to the new employees in the organization. This group of veteran workers plays a crucial role in the organization as they set the standard of how well the new group of employees should do.

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Therefore, it is important to retain existing employees as there are indications in research that employee turnover can be very costly (Griffith and Homo 2001). The costs can include replacement, training and general administration costs and intangible costs such as lower productivity and lower customer loyalty. Client-facing roles such as business placement, public relations are very important to an organization as it helps to bring in new business deals and retain existing clients.

They are able to provide solutions for clients business model, building long term relationship between its organization and clients. Through their abilities to build trust and business excellence with new and existing clients, the organization is able to focus more on looking for potential areas for improvement and new business opportunities, thus, generating higher revenues for its organization. However, not all employees are an asset to the organization.

It could due to poor management of the employers or, the inability to adapt to changes for the new and existing employees. These factors lead to a lower productivity and efficiency of the organization. To counter this problem, some companies practice retrenchment as 1 of their solution to reduce and eliminate low productive employees and bring in new group of employees who are more self driven and committed or reshuffling existing employee job responsibilities and task to reduce manpower with minimum headcount.

But this could be a double-edge sword if it does not apply correctly. Though the main purpose was to cut down, reducing expenditures to sustain its business, it could creates a feeling to the employees that their sense of job security can become obsolete, affecting lives of those being retrenched due to one’s loss of job can cause diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes or depression. It also affects the “survivors” by being left to perform the responsibilities and task left-over by the retrenched employees.

Increasing their workload and stress of the individuals, lowering the morale of the employees, may put the business in greater risk. These problems could be resolved by bring in recognition and rewards to employees who are able to handle more task and taking higher responsibilities, as a form of appreciation to the employees for their contribution to the organization. It also served as a motivational tool to encourage employees take in more task to move towards individual success, as well as the success of an organization.

To further enhance the performance and results produced by the employees, the implementation of technology and data analytics enable employees to analyze the data to roved business insights, forecasting and develop strategies for improvement plans and organizational needs. Companies with the ability to foresee and sustainable manage their workforce needs – especially for high skills ? will gain the decisive competitive advantage (World Economic Forum, 201 Oh). The most unacceptable crime that an employees or employers can commit is fraud.

Such act could damage the reputation of an organization, creating loss of revenue or even closed down of one company. One example was the case of 2 former Singapore Land Authority (SAL) officers involved in a 12 million fraud case. Former deputy director of technology and infrastructure, Koch Seas Wee and his subordinate, former manager Limit Chi Eng, have misused their authorities to work with external parties and cheated SAL by rendering false invoices through various business entities for IT services and goods which were not delivered.

The money was supposed to be used of company needs was being misused by them for their personal interest and investments. In conclusion, agree that human resource is the most important asset of an organization. No matter what type of industries ND organization we are in. Technology and money are important, but human are the ones who make decisions, negotiate, execute plans, and react to changes.

To be efficiently managed this group of people, good HER management and policies are the key factors to be able to compete. Billionaire Jack Ma, the founder and ex-CEO of Alabama group once quote. “You cannot unify everyone’s thoughts, but you can unify everyone through a common goal” (lack Mar 2014). If the employer is able to unite the organization under a common goal rather than uniting the company around a reticular person, it is a lot easier to push for a company success.

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