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Human resource is acritical component that determines the ability of an entity to achieve theirvisions and objectives across different fields. Human resource determines thelevel of success attained since it is the instrument that implements thestrategic plans that are required towards maintaining excellence in differentorganizations. An undertaking that considers the recruitment of the best teamin place delivers the capacity of leading a transformative model that attainsoperational efficiency.

The quality of the human resource highly depends on themanagement commitment in putting up a competitive compensation philosophy thatattracts the best in the industry. Additionally, consistent training and a fairperformance appraisal mechanism improve the knowledge, skills, and attitudes ofemployees that impact their ability to enhance service delivery.  The healthcare field is a very important component ofsociety that is based on interaction with people who require better serviceswhich will aid the healing process. The quality of human resources in thehealthcare field is critical since it might improve the health of thepopulation and by extension define the prosperity of a nation. The health ofthe people is not negotiable and being responsible for survival, it isimperative that the human resource efficacy is maintained for purposes ofsustaining life. A better human resource management mechanism in the healthcarefield initiates significant gains in advancing how treatment is premised ongood care and handling by a team that values the patient as their pride whenthey heal.

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The paper will take a look at how a human resource managementframework will come in handy towards attaining the establishment of universalhealthcare capable of improving the treatment experience.   Human Resource Management in HealthcareThe healthcare environment requires an in-depthanalysis that looks into some facets that determine the ability to bring upquality healthcare for the people. The administration of healthcare in asociety requires the initiation of a structure that takes cognizant of theunderlying needs that define the aptitude to boost efficiency and credibilityin the dispensation of health care. Efficiency and sanity in the healthcaresector get impaired due to the inability of the human resources to cater forthe demanding need to better ever-increasing demand for the service (Lukas, Holmes, Cohen, Restuccia,Cramer, Shwartz, & Charns, 2007). The increasing challenges anddemand for medication require the development of a human resource policyframework that will deliver a scheme capable of asserting prudent exploitationof limited resources for quality services (Orszag, & Emanuel, 2010). The challenge has been that eventhough a substantive portion of budgetary allocations are expended onhealthcare, there are numerous concerns about inefficiency and lack of enoughhuman resource to respond to the increasing need (Groves, Kayyali, Knott,& Kuiken, 2016). The development of an organized human resource management system thataddresses the allocation of the limited staff towards taking care of the expansivepopulation will revolutionize the health sector.

   The health sector faces alot of challenges when it comes to having in place competent and dedicatedmedical practitioners together with support staff to meet the growing demandfor healthcare services around the world. A personal encounter in most healthfacilities has demonstrated the level of failure by the human resourcecomponent to serve the patient needs in a manner that elevates our confidencein the sector. Most cases have been attributed to poor management and limitedtraining on communication that makes employees capable of understanding how totake care of patients. Some medical practitioners do not recognize the need toengage patients in a move that will improve the relationship which is criticaltowards enhancing the healing process of the patient.  Human resource plays apivotal role in the improvement of the standards of healthcare in society. The most important attributeof a successful nation is the quality of the healthcare system since it plays afundamental role towards ensuring people live in harmony and out of the threatof an inadequate system not capable of preserving life. A credible andtransformational human resource management system provides the best healthcareconditions that deliver the best for the patients building a sustainablecommunity (Kabene, Orchard, Howard, Soriano,& Leduc, 2006). The collective efforts by the management and commitment of theemployees promote the delivery of quality medical care across differentnations.

Functions of the Human Resource Management inHealthcareThe human resource component is tasked withundertaking different duties that are required to enhance the effectiveness ofemployees in implementation and achievement of organizational objectives. Thefunctions of the human resource include recruitment of best-fit employees andstaffing, the provision of training and development, development of compensationand benefits scheme, performance appraisal and administering the adherence tolabor laws. Training and development is the principal function in thehealthcare industry that guarantees the capacity to change and impact humanlife. The different functions are required to be undertaken in the spirit offairness and objectivity that evaluates the availability of resources thatfunds a competitive compensation philosophy and terms of employment. Anorganization is expected to initiate timely remuneration and take on initiativesthat make employees proud of serving the best interest of an entity thatrecognizes the significance of their social and economic welfare.  Training and development An essential function of the human resource departmenttasked with yielding tremendous benefits to both the employee and theorganization through career growth and the organization by improved efficiency.The healthcare sector is an area that is faced with a challenge of evolving anddevelopment of diseases that require consistent research and development forserving humanity better.   It is theresponsibility of human resources to organize training sessions based on theirassessment of the workforce to equip employees with different skills that willadvance the quality of organizational output (Dessler, & Dessler,2002).

  The training and careerdevelopment are structured in an organized manner that guarantees substantivegains to the organization and growth of an employee in a challengingenvironment. The investment in an employee in the health sector for instanceregarding training and development provides a significant incentive forboosting the motivation to improve performance.Compensation and Benefits The functions of the human resource in the healthcarefield are similar to other sectors which rely on human capital to implementtheir growth prospects. The function of putting in place a suitablecompensation philosophy is an important tool in an organization. Compensationsand benefits schemes offer a series of principles and guidelines that definethe ability of an organization to administer retention, separation, anddiscipline of employees. The healthcare sector employees depend on the humanresource management ability to develop a favorable compensation and benefitsscheme that are attractive in the market (Henderson& Spindler, 2005).

For instance, medical insurance, risk allowances,educational scholarship, employees discounted loans and benevolence fund totake care of the employee welfare.  Thecompanies employ a differentiated human resource strategy that is unique totheir situation to ensure they achieve their visions with the available fundsat their disposal. Retention, separation, and discipline are essential featuresthat determine the success of an organization through the utility of the humanresource for quality service delivery. Recruitment and Staffing The organizing of the human resource component throughunderstanding the business environment comes in handy through the initiation ofa team that resonates with the challenging market pressure. The human resourceelement in most companies requires the initiation of strategies that ensurethat they attract the best talent in the labor market that will help theorganization create value for the prosperity of the enterprise (Lussier,& Hendon, 2015).The identification of the best person for a given job description solely lieson the initiation of a system that looks into individual abilities andcompetencies in performing a task. The passion for the job can be effectivelymeasured by the human resource department judgment based on certain metricsthat would inform them on the model to be applied on staffing.

Performance Appraisal and ManagementThe healthcare system consists of targets andobjectives that are required to be attained at the end of different periods.Performance appraisals through a fair system elicit the desire among employeesto improve their output in anticipation of rewards. A fair performanceappraisal in the healthcare sector defines the development of innovativeendeavors in the market towards ensuring the give in their best in theorganization (Lussier& Hendon, 2015). Assessments offer insights about areas that requireimprovement while praising instances where progress has been delivered. Performancebecomes better through allowing a mechanism that will complement on good deedsand request people to keep up their efforts from time to time. Performanceappraisals provide credible data for the human resource department to set acompensation package that reflects the level of education, experience, andcommitment to one’s job description. The data assists the entity operates in amodel that allows employees to be remunerated based on their efforts henceasserting retention, discipline and organizational success.

   Compliance with Employment Laws and Regulation The healthcare profession and several jurisdictionsare guided by different underlying laws and regulation governing humanresources. The human resource department should ensure that any measure thatthey undertake has satisfied the adherence to all the employment laws. Theactivities that take place in the workplace should recognize the different lawsso as to avoid costly suits that might emerge from the failure to provideprotective gear to factory employees. Healthcare professional operate in arisky working environment that makes it imperative for the recognition of lawsthat ensure human rights are often adhered to in the execution of their duties.Role of Human Resource Management in OrganizationsStrategic PlanningThe human resourcemanagement model in strategic planning should provide a competitive edge to anorganization. Strategic planning requires that human resource managementdemonstrate the ability to blend three approaches in moderation to a customizedmodel.

Best fit, best practice, and resource-based approach are all essentialingredients in the design of a strategic human resource management. An entitythat masters the art of bringing together the three approaches to match withthe industry and organizational conditions are best placed to achievetremendous success and become the market leader in performance (Purce, 2014). The model of the human resource componentdetermines how an organization develops their strategic plan towards improvingthe quality of outputs. It is important to note that the most difficult taskthat has faced most human resource departments has been how to come up with ahuman resource strategy that aligns to the need of achieving the entity’s shortand long-term goals (Lussier& Hendon, 2015). A competent human resource management design makesit possible to formulate a strategy which effectively mirrors the objectives ofthe organization towards strategic plans.

 Conclusion  In conclusion, it is imperative to underscore the factthat The business terrain keeps on changing, making it imperative fororganizations to leverage on a well-structured human resource strategy thatwill help retain the best talent and attract innovative employees with skillsto drive better results. The human resource orientation should be able toenhance the ability of an organization to impart best international practicecritically but in the same spirit align with the local situation for bettergovernance. Even though there is a surging unemployment level all over theworld, most organizations still face a tough time getting the human capitalwith the requisite skills and knowledge that inspires the achievement of theirvision. The challenge makes training and development an essential part ofimproving the quality of healthcare in society through enhancing the standardsof learning about better treatment and enhancing patient. The healthcare sectorcan be significantly improved upon the recognition of the role played by the humanresource management framework that factors in the welfare of employees. Thehuman resource consists of human beings who are required to be appreciated andengaged collectively towards improving the quality of life in society.     


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