Human and torture. An experiment that they

Human experiments that the nazis conducted were pointless in a sense. Due to many of them not being successful it was torture to many of the patients. Nazi human experimentation was a way for them to try and discover ways to prolong their soldiers life at war by experimenting on the lives that don’t matter to them. By examining the kinds of experiments they did, who they conducted them on, and why they started in the first place, it will be evident that human experimentation was a way for nazis to torture prisoners of war. The experiments that the nazis conducted were brutal and torture. An experiment that they did was a hypothermia experiment. The nazis would take the prisoners and put them in ice cold water, then they would figure out ways to defrost them. Some ways they did that was putting the frozen bodies in boiling water. “The freezing experiments were divided into two parts. First, to establish how long it would take to lower the body temperature to death and second how to best resuscitate the frozen victim.”( The reason for this experiment was to determine the most effective ways for treating German pilots who had become severely chilled. Blood coagulation experiments were done to test a pill they had made, the pill contained  beet and apple pectin. For them to complete the experiment they would shoot the prisoner wherever they plead, before they would shoot them they gave them the pill. The pill was supposed to clot the blood or stop the bleeding, the pill did neither and was a fail. These are only two of the many experiments they conducted on there prisoners during the time of WWII. The people involved in these experiments were men, women and children.  They would also typically be jews, gypsies or russians. They would use some of their own men who are disabled, if they couldn’t fight they were tested on.  With children they would want twins to conduct certain experiments on them. The twin experiments had no effect on the war, and therefore were pointless and only meant for torture and research purposes. WIth women and men they would use them for certain experiments. “The concentration camps were a laboratory for the Nazis. They put the minorities and intellectuals in there because the general population wouldn’t mind losing those people. The Nazi leaders knew people needed targets for their own self-hatred.”  ( Sigmund Rascher and Josef Mengele were both the main scientist who conducted the experiments. Sigmund Rascher conducted mainly high altitude and freezing experiments while Josef Mengele conducted mainly twin experiments. The reasoning for these experiments were only beneficial towards Germans. Their uses for these experiments were to help benefit they’re soldiers life span at war, conduct experiments to help further medical history, and they needed a use for all the prisoners they had. Their soldiers fighting in battle were dying of hypothermia and blood loss mainly. Ways for them to find out what they could do to help them   live longer during the war was to do experiments to help prolong their survival rate. By doing that they would test the prisoners they had. They would have to go through many different test which may or may not end up killing them; most of them died from the experiments. From the nazis conducting these experiments, they found out valid information that we may have never none due to the circumstances we would have had to take in order to receive these answers. Given these factors it will be evident that what the nazis were doing to their prisoners were not only experiments for science, but ways to torture them without the public objecting. Human experiments had their effect by conducting experiments to help their soldiers fighting, by finding better ways to save soldiers in battle. These experiments have advanced medical history a great extent by giving us answers we would have never known due to what we would have had to do to recieve them. Human experimentation had its perks for medical history, but overall was torture to the patients.


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