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Human demand already is over the long-term carrying capacity of the planet. The glob is in an ecological overshoot, we turn resources into waste quicker than waste can be reversed back into resources. To have an ecological sustainable community need a virtual transformation in the values and beliefs, that govern our relationships with natural resources and nature. The world should admit to the human behavioral and stresses those attributes to appropriate a mutual understanding. As stated in the learning unit that one possible solution is a wipe out to bring the available footprint up to the current consumption, reducing the number of people on planet Earth, to sustain various consumption levels. By killing, or as mentioned in assignment 3, “by the act of letting 20 000 children die every day is justified on the basis of the good of the whole species” would be wrong from my angle. From a utilitarian view, there is no moral relevant between killing and letting die, and not when death could be easily avoided by our actions.

Utilitarianism is described as a tradition in which actions are judged as good or bad based on the aggregate good or bad which that act would lead to.Instead we should try to reach for a zero-population growth; “a condition in which the human population, on average, neither increases nor decreases”. We can only achieve this zero-population growth by having several different approaches, e.g. avoiding early parenting, this will slow down the population growth. The marriage age could be raised to drop the percentage fertility required to achieve zero population growth etc.

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