Human and many billions of people throughout

Human civilization was built on the work, and many billions of people throughout history created the cities, farms, industries, armies and infrastructure that characterized our time on this planet. Even before the advent of human civilization, the role of work and the development of different kinds of tools was the focus of our evolution from the most primitive primates. “Work is at the core of meaningful life, the path to individual independence, the need for human survival and prosperity, and also the distinctive way in which men create their identity as rational, goal-oriented beings.” Said Edward Jenkins. The secret behind social progress and the characteristic characteristics of man. Work as we see it, is a virtue and necessity. In times of uncertainty, interdependence and a market economy, an individual must rely on his work to ensure his well-being. Work provides an individual with the ability to be independent, to thrive, to develop, and most importantly, to create meaning for life.

      Independence means activating your own existence. The work provides individuals with the means to sustain themselves economically and socially, and provides freedom to be part of society. And through the work that we establish ourselves as a woman or a man. If you work, you produce wealth that only you have possession and no one else.      Prosperity is a combination of personal development and change towards perfection. These two factors require effort and perseverance. Therefore, action is necessary for human prosperity because it contributes to self-formation and to the development of material values.

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Through work we can be productive and create material values. Individuals who distort the balance of their production and enjoy the benefits, through profit without work, do not thrive. To work as an integral part of human experience and what people are doing to live. Your profession is part of your identity, whether you are a doctor, a journalist or a professor. All these terms are used to identify people from certain professions, interests and lifestyle.     Jonkins said, rationality is the primary virtue, and it involves “full focus, commitment to reality, and constant expansion of one’s knowledge.

” Rationality is one of the most important traits of humans, which distinguishes us from other species. Therefore, by choosing to act as a means to achieve our goals, we are achieving the principle of rationality. Professor White explains that rationality is a virtue based on two elements: free will and reason. Action is the only tool capable of achieving rationality.       The concept of work is invested with varying degrees of moral evaluation. Jean Calvin, the founder of Calvinism, stressed that work is not just an economic need but also an ethical imperative. Calvin said that man, in order to prove the viability of the creation of God, was morally bound to work; that is to work for the production of wealth.

He stressed that wealth is not to enjoy but to invest, ie to increase wealth production.


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