in a longhouse. The longhouse is made


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museum/groups/ Wendat grew plants and hunted for there food.

The men cleared the land for farming, the women planted, tended and harvested crops. The Wendat usually grew “The Three Sisters” for food. “The Three Sisters” are beans, squash and corn. Men hunted animals in the forest such as deer. They also fished in lakes and streams they also hunt in groups and share the meat with everyone in the community.

They used every part of the animal.Housing:    The Wendat lived in a longhouse. The longhouse is made up of bark and branches. About six families lived in each longhouse. In the longhouse, there is about one or two fireplaces and some hols for the smoke to escape. There are also sleeping platforms at the sides of the longhouse.

Storage shelves are on the top of the sleeping platforms. They mostly built they near water, so that they can use it for farming, fishing and for transportation. Beliefs/Religion:For the Wendat people, feasts are very important. The singing feasts are the largest and most popular. A man will hold the singing feast if he wishes to gain status. Government: They used the Clan System to govern them. Men usually hunted and fished, especially large mammals such as moose and bear.

Men also build shelters (in this case the long House) for there families. They also traded with the other first nations. Women prepared the animal and roasted the meat over an open fire. Elders were knowledge keepers and teachers in their community.  Social Organization: 9.8ShowCHE


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