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Coming to weakness I trust quickly with others and try to keep this point away from my work. My short goal that get placed in reputed company like yours, And about the long one I try step by step to be a successful sales director. That’s all 🙂 Thanks A lot for listening. 2. Good morning sir/madam. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.

My name is Monika, means being silent but I won’t be that silent. Have completed my graduation in Mall Reedy Engineering College For Women in CE stream. I have done my schooling in Bushman public school ND intermediate in Marinara junior college.My father adapted business and mother is a homemaker. Have two siblings both are elder than me. Elder brother got married and running business and younger brother he is contain nuking with his studies, Apart from studies I have actively participated in projects workshops etc.

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My hobbies are watching TV reading novels, playing chess, surfing net playing shuttle etc. Have also participated in national level fest in my college and won first prize in technical quiz and gave many presentations. Have done my project in DOOR that gave me a nice experience that in future one of the person help us. Our self have to do the things to achieve something.My strengths are hard working, can easily adopt to any type of environment, personally Imam frank but professionally I am dedicated and honest, and also my strengths are friends, father and self motivation.

My weaknesses are do quickly trust on others and very hard to deal with emotional feelings. Adopted this field because want India to be the developed country not developing country, so thought why don’t be the first initiator to develop my India, and most of the engineers are serving foreign countries I think this s not fair, we have to respect our India, so I thought to serve my country.My short term goal is to get placed in reputed company like yours and long term goal is to get a good position like you, where I can grow along with my organizational growth. 3.

Good morning sir/Ma’am. My name is Haddam Ail and I belong to Ramps. Coming to my qualifications I have completed my a-Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from EJECT Ramps. And mum schooling from Razz Inter College and Hast Higher Secondary school Ramps. About my family I have 5 member in my family including me, two younger rather, my father, Richards Mohammad is a teacher and mother, Ninja Parvenu is home maker.Coming to my hobbies I have keen interest in reading scripture and some time playing PC game and surfing net. As coming to my strength I am quick learner and honest and I am adaptable in challenging environment.

My short term goal is ghetto in growing and knowledge providing company. Thanks for providing this opportunity to me. 4.

A very good morning sir/madam. Am Charity and am from stupidest. Have completed my schooling in INS in my home town with an aggregate of 92.

5. Eave completed my intermediate in marinara junior college with an aggregate of 96. 3.And as of now I am pursuing a-Tech in computer science and engineering in MAGI. Have an aggregate of 77. 5. Coming to my family background, I belong to a nuclear family. My father is a teacher and my is a housewife and I have a sister.

Always stood one among the top rankers from school to college. Even in B- Tech second year stood as second topper of my branch in our college. Apart from academics, I have actively participated in various events. Attended a workshop on Android and given a paper presentation on 5-PC pen genealogy. Organized an event in our fest.Coming to my strengths, I am confident and self-motivated.

Have a lot of patience. Am adaptable to different situations and I can justify this that as I stay in hostel that means I have an ability to adjust with different mindsets of people. My short term goal is to get placed in a reputed company like yours. And my long term goal is to get a good position in the company so that I can contribute more to the company. This is all about myself. 5. Good morning sir/madam. Thank You for giving me a chance to tell about myself.

Myself Adversaries. M from Achaean. M pursuing my degree in P. B. College of engineering in electronics and communication department. My father is a beautician.

My mother is a homemaker completed my schooling with 75% in both SC and higher secondary. Took part in all events that held in my school. Was a pupil leader up to 10th stud. So I think have a leadership quality to lead a group. Coming to my hobbies I like pencil sketching and most of the time I always like listen music which makes my mind so pleasant.

My strength is over confidence, self-motivated, self-dependent, and punctuality.And my weakness is not mingle with others easily and also quickly trust others. But I trying to overcome my weakness. Coming to my short term goal is to get settle in reputed company and with my own earning have to continue my higher studies. My long term goal is to create a specific identity for me in society. That’s all about me.

Thank you. 6. Happy morning sir/madam(greetings).

Well !!! Goggled myself this morning and here’s what I found. I’m Envied. I’m born and grown up in Butchery.

The quotation I live my life by is, “Life doesn’t depends on how we make, but it depends on how we take”.Currently, I m doing my B. Tech in the discipline of Information Technology in a well reputed organization, Managua Vinegary Institute of Technology.

Right from my childhood, did my schooling in Vaccinated Higher Secondary School which gave me a very good base for my career. Completed my X with an aggregate of 91% and XII with an aggregate of 80%. About my family, my father is a daily wages and my mother is working as a teacher. My strengths are, I’m a positive thinker and I can easily mingle with people.

My achievements are, I’ve published a paper in an International Journal.I’m the topper of my department for past three years. Won gold medal and I’ve been selected as Zonal level winner in android application development. My hobbies are listening music, singing and I round around my surroundings with my own style of driving. My short term goal is to get placed in a blue chip.

My midterm goal is to become a Project lead. And my long term goal is to become a knowledgeable person and to be on a respectful position in my company. My life term goal is to achieve self realization goal. 7. A Very Good Morning Sir/AMA, am Harsh Rural from Broad.About my qualification, did my graduation in Electronics & Communication Engineering with 8.

51 CAP. Scored 77. 00% in 12th Stud. And 89. 00% in 10th Stud. I have also very good academic record in my schooling career. About my family, My father is Manager in SIB. My mother is great homemaker.

And I have one elder brother. Coming to my pulse points, By nature, I am very Co-operative, Dedicated and Sincere person. Strictly believe in perfection in the work and commitment to the given responsibilities. Have ability to listen carefully before giving any solutions or responses to my colleague. Eve a “Can Do” attitude in my life. About my hobbies, like Photography, Traveling, listening to music, Playing Cricket and Badminton.

8. Hello Sir/Madam Good Morning. 1 .

First of all I would like to thank for giving me this wonderful opportunity. My name is Assays Shall and am belongs to bassist in Attar Pradesh. 2. Coming to my educational qualification. Currently I’m pursuing MAC with correspondence degree from Vineyard mission university, Thumbnail.

Did BCC in 2013 from Agar university, I did intermediate in 2009 & my schooling was done in 2009 at my hometown. 3. Coming to my family.My My father was expired 2 years ago, my mother is BOW basic health worker & good House manager. She is my best inspiration in many aspects. And have one elder brother who is doing preparing medical course. 4. My strength are, hardworking, fast learner, positive attitude.

5. My weakness is lack of confidence. 6. About my hobby listen the Music & Remix the Music. 5.

My short term goal is to be get placed in reputed company like yours and my long term goals is to be on respected position. 9. First of all I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell about myself.My Name is Santos Surer I’m basically from Karakas living in Hydrated. Have done intermediate from Gobo College of Land (Karakas).

Recently finished hardware & networking course from Jet king Ampere. Have good sound knowledge in hardware, Operating System, Basic Networking and Windows 2008 server. My Strengths are honest, hardworking, optimistic and flexibility. My Weakness are straightforward and I cannot trust people very easily.

My Hobbies are listening to music and try to learn new things. My short term goal is to work for a reputed organization. And long term goal is to be on respected position.

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