How Work is Managed Beyond or not with Systems essay

How Work is Managed? Beyond or not with Systems How Work is Managed? When talking about “Managing Work”, the first idea come across my mind is in point of fact some very practical concepts or tips on how to make good time and resources management towards a particular job or tasks, or something on the strategies and measures to improve the productivity as well as lower the average cost. Another issue come across my brain about managing work, is the structure of a firm, how the human resources and materials are allocated with the aid of planning and supervising.After going through the structure and discussion, Managing Work has become meaningful and more significant influence to me. It actually gives me a sense Of reflection on how a task should be planned and executed, a deeper level would be how to make decisions towards work and the viewpoints towards a task.

The two main concepts that classified through the module of Managing Work, are whether the work is done scientific, or beyond the limitation of science. With my reflection and explanation here, would clearly point out that work is not simply managed at all.Hopefully, with this writing can elaborate myself clearly with various examples and my understandings. Work through Systems – Science on Trial, Error and the God Complex Being an engineering student, this concept is more likely to be understandable. It is very common to see we believe in “God complex” raised by Tim Hartford through the investigation and studies with the existing journal and research papers. Sciences’ discoveries come from trial and errors. With numerous tests and experiments done towards a specific hypothesis, scientists then drew the conclusion the evidences and test results.And yet, it is expectable that may not be the best solution towards the problem.

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However, plenty of the researchers failed to extend and further elaborate on the topic they investigate. I believe if there are not facing the issue of God Complex, there will be more successful researchers compare to now, and the acceptance and social status of being a researcher will highly appreciated in the community. In common structure, Consultants or Management Specialists often provides their advice based on a certain measures of rules.When these problems are able to solve under their guidance, it reveals the ability of them and represent they are good consultant and capable for their job. In fact, this is only affected by quantified our society with financial viewpoint (profit) and also the achievement in able to get or maintain a project or job. Their so called theory, based on the actual commercial change and trend, may not be convincing enough to ensure it is the success of the managing rules.

Being able to analyses the data in a wide- ranging way, do not means they are good managers. Being able to use and follow systems, do not bring the most appropriate problem solving method. In general, the idea of God complex limits out creativity and logical senses to think and explore. It may be caused by our dependence on the sense of inform and certainty, as it is common for students to believe the viewpoints of the professors and scholars, those who had been labeled as “Authority”, “Specialist” and “Experts”.

Therefore, do not mean we should not refer to the old sayings or readings, but in addition to straight reference solely, we are meant to show our own understanding and personal reflection to overcome the disadvantages of “God Complex” to work, so as to other beliefs. Work beyond Moral Algebra – “Obliquity and Motivation” In Obliquity by John Kay, an appraisal system recommended by Franklin, discusses that we can make sections by listing out pros and cons. From this simple system of Moral Algebra, we can totally able to recognize the exemplifications can give structure of relationships among goals, states and actions.For instant, the computers can help us to handle with assembling available information and make estimations. However, there is always something that systems, theories, concepts, findings or Moral Algebra cannot be explained, for example, relationship, affection and love. Besides, people do also make judgments on issues in Oblique way. Then make is go simple and straight forward.

Looking t the triumph I would say to towards the Hand’s victory in United States’ market, there was no doubt that they destroyed the competition through a direct attack on the US produces.They effectively made their business through creativeness and adoption which they probably may not have planned. With Kay and Honda, we can see, there are features contributes to success, not just through calculations, data analysis or a systematic way.

Power of intensives also contributes managing work beyond a pattern. Where monetary reward versus passion are always being quantified in a proportional relationship commercially, Dan Pink had told us intrinsic titivation still give significant influences towards work or tasks. He mentioned the mechanic, reward-and punishment often does not work and does harm in 21st century.

Again, work nowadays really cannot be measured and reflected simply by a small angle of viewpoints. There is a lot of uncertainties which ‘Word? ‘ more than we assume and expect. Simplicity and Complexity With a scientific experiment done by Karl Dunker, the Candle Problem, since then, we discover the key to achieve success is to over the “functional fixedness”. I strongly believe if there is a way for us the go beyond the border f ourselves, particularly the comfort zones, there must be new meanings or findings in work or any other aspects.Combining both scientific or non- scientific concepts, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to work, whether is able to be managed in a simple or complex form, sometimes do not depends on the people’s ability of logical and practical systems and theory, it does depends on the opportunity and the contemporary moment Of what is happening in the situation. Just as the mechanic solution of brick laying, do totally agree Frank Gilberts with eliminate waste in support work sequences ND gives the most efficient way to complete work through scientific approach.I certainly agree to Dan Pink the three elements to that revolve the attention of people, autonomy, mastery and purpose.

When there is no external interferences on the factual or materialistic world’s concern, work is surely motivated and work is definitely exercise of skills to construct life comprehensively. Just as what I mentioned, there are too many apprehensions in our world, work cannot be considered exclusively on its own. I am not sure about yours, but there is lists of elements do make my work difficult to manage not matter I am motivated or not.

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