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How To Learn EnglishEnglish is one of the most important languages in the world.

It can be said that it is the single most important language. English is important because it is the only language that connects the entire world together. This language can be used in any part of the world because at least some people in each country or city would know how to speak English. To learn English it is very important because you can communicate with people from different countries, even when you travel to another country or when you meet people who don’t speak your first language. Also, to learn English can help you to realize and achieve new goals in your life.

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If you want to learn English successfully, you must follow some steps, including moving to the United States, take English classes, pay attention in class, and practice by speaking and reading.First of all, Move to the United States to learn English it is one of the most important decisions that you can make because you would learn English better and faster. United States is one of the best countries to learn English because their educational system is very advance, which offers many programs to be able to study English, one of the programs that the educational system offers is the ESL program, which I took in Middle School and High School. ESL it’s a well-structured program that will lead students step by step until they learn English well, this lasts at least 4 to 5 years. After you move to the United States is significant that you take English classes, the best thing that you can do it is to immediately enroll in a school to start receiving classes and start to learning. My suggestion is that it is better to move to the United States and start taking English classes at a young age; for example, at the age of 13 to 16 years old because it is easier to learn.

Moreover, once you have your English classes ready to go it is decisive to pay the most attention that you can on everything because this will depend on the success or failure that you will have in learning English because if you pay a lot of attention carefully on what your teacher is teaching you, you will learn better because all the things will get in your brain, but if you don’t pay any attention you will not learn anything because the things will not register in your brain and you will not be able to put it in practice.Secondly, a certain steps to put in practice to learn English Successfully is to speak, and read. These two steps are more determined than the above steps because if you don’t practice them, you will never develop your English and you will be afraid to have a conversation with someone or read on public. To practice by speaking daily is a really great way to develop your English because will help you to start getting confidence in yourself while you speak the language.

Keep in mind that confidence has to be the key to feel good about your learning experience and also to sound natural. Even if you know a little bit English, continue to speak out loud or speak as often as possible, this will help you a lot to get confidence. Another exercise that you should do to learn better is to set up escenarios with friends so you can practice your new vocabulary and phrases.

Next, read regularly and read out loud. Reading will help in the repetition of seeing what English words look like. Reading out loud will help you to combinate the sound of the words to the text on the page. In addition, when your reading underline words and phrases that you don’t know and look for those in a dictionary, it will help you to understand better the meaning of the word or phrase.

Other tool, which can be very useful is a translate, it will help you with you pronunciation because it can clarify your understanding and pronunciation of the word. Given these points, it is really important that you must follow this steps to successfully learn and speak English. Moving to the United States, take English classes, pay attention in class, and practice by speaking and reading will help you to succeed and talk excellent English, also put in practice these steps to develop your confidence in yourself, and always do your best to learn the language.


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