How community we live in. For example, there

How rules and regulations help to maintain order in society? Rules and regulations are considered as a definition of discipline by many team leaders and managers. Public services such as Police are there to enforce those rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, we (taxpayers) obey to the existing laws, rules and regulations to maintain order in the community we live in. For example, there are laws against murder to which we must obey and which Police must enforce. Catching and punishing murderers makes the society safer, therefore maintains order and allows the family of murdered person to have justice knowing that the criminal was punished. Why do we need rules and regulations within the Public Services? We need laws, rules and regulations because they allow public to understand what is considered unaccaptable and what is considered acceptable.

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They also increase the productivity and efficiency as well as decrease the chance of failure. For example, it is against the rules to drink alcohol at work or just before the start of the shift. When a person is drunk their brain works differently and they’re in the wrong mind set, therefore they’re less efficient and the chance of failure when completing a certain task is higher. Furthermore, it would be bad for PR reasons if a public services employee was on duty under the influence of alcohol.

For instance, a police officer was at some point in his life drunk driving and then pulled you over for the same offense this would contradict him.


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