How Leon/Noel brought back home. The story

How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife From the title, ”How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife” you can understand what kind of story this is and how it could expand as t goes along. Leon is really the big brother of the main protagonist, the wielder of the mysterious point of view, but his wife takes to him as Noel as the latter coinage probably a modern twist of Leon though clearly it is an inversion of the word. Baldo was the little brother and Maria, Baldo taking traditional names into mind us he hears her name for the first time, is the wife whom Leon/Noel brought back home. The story revolves on a couple who were raised in a different culture can overcome obstacles in their new life, specially for Maria who came from the city. Their father ask Baldo (the younger brother of Leon) to do things out of the normal just to know how Maria would react.

Like meeting them in a cart pulled by Labang (their bull) and asking if she would like to pet Labang, showing her to the people in the barrios, and using the longer path to their home. When they arrived home Leon started to ask their mother of his father’s whereabouts. Baldo immediately went to their father’s room and tells him about his brother’s wife.

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Their father asks things like, “Does they meet anybody on the way”, “is she afraid of labang”, and “what did his brother Leon sang”. After knowing that Maria who lives in the city is able to adjust to the life in their barrio, their father felt relief that such woman who is accustomed to a luxury life in the city is willing to live a simple and normal life in the barrio with his son Leon. And for me the moral of the story is how two people who is different in culture and lifestyle can overcome their differences for the sake of their love and compassion to one another.


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