“How in my daily life. Physics deals with

“How is physics relevant to your survival?” There are people who believe physics isn’t important.

Once they hear “physics” they instantly assume that it’s just a hard class college students complain of often. What is not seen by many of us who have no knowledge about physics is the importance that it has in our daily lives. Physics is the science of how things work and if we didn’t have it nothing in our lives would be working. Can you imangine life without physics now?. Physics is relevant to my survival because it’ll have to be applied to everything I do in my daily life. Physics deals with matter, force, energy, and motion and how they each relate in our universe.

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When we walk or run motion is happening. When we eat chemical reactions are also happening, and when we use our refrigirator, washing machines, televisions, electronic devices, etc.. they’re all part of the physics in our daily routines.


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