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How has genetic engineering impacted modern agriculture?Genetically Modified Foods are in 80% of the food we eat. The first genetically modified organism to be created was a bacterium in 1973 and in 1994 the first genetically modified foods were mad available. Genetically Modified Organisms are when you take a certain gene from one plant, animal, or organism and splyce it into a differnt plant’s or animal’s cell. This gives the plant or animal the specific trait fromt he other plant. For example Scientists have taken the soybean plant and put the enzym EPSPS that is produced by microorganisms into the DNA.

This makes the Soybena plant herbicide tolerant (Genetic Engineering in Agriculture). This trait will allow farmers to spray more herbecides on their crops without endangering their srops leading to more profit. However genetic engineering may spread undesirable traits to other plants. Genetic Engineering has harmed modern agriculture by reducing the genetic diversity and have made the use of pesticides and herbicides more common. (Genetic Engineering risks and Impacts)Genetic engineering takes place when you change one base pair, delete a whole section of DNA or introduce an additional gene.Genetic engineering works by finding the organism that naturally contains the desirable trait. The DNA is then extracted and the one gene must be found and copied. The new gene (called a transgene) is put into the plasmid (a sampp piece of DNA).

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The genetically modified plasmidis introduced into a cell. This cell then divides and the traitis spread. This system is used to create plants that produce the same product however are resistant to pesticides oir can survive in more hostile climates. GMOs can help crops by enhancing the nutritional content of food, making them insect resistant, drought resistant, herbicide tolerant, or disease resistant.

 (Esyme) Genetic engineering and GMOs are a bad alternative in creating new and better plants or animals. They increase the production but they have a negative effect on biodiversity as GMOs will shrink the amount of variation between types of produce. This can already be seen by the shrink in diversity, there used to be over 4500 types of potatoes but now a person can only find or buy hundreds or even tens of types. This is true in many different species, tomatoes, berries, apples. GMOs have created superweeds, these are weeds that are herbicide resistant weeds that require harsher and stronger herbicide to destroy.

Because of GMOs farmers are forced to resort to more toxic herbicides like 4-D and Dicamba. Immediatly genetic engineering research has begun to develop new crops designed to gtelerate these more toxic herbicides. However their is no gaurentee or even reason to believe that the story will not repeat itself and a new wave of herbicide resistant weeds will grow.

Another concern is that private companies can claim ownership of the organisms they create and not share them at a reaonable cost, or even at all, with the public. GMOs are considered alien to the natural enviroment and because such plants have been modified how the enviroment would react to them and vice versa would besomething that need further study. Other alternatives are crop breeding and agreocultural farm management. These methods are often far less expensive and far more effective. There is very little research known on genetially modified organisms and genetic engineering in general. What resaerch we do have is tightly monitered by those who create GMOs so we can not be sure of their accuracy.

GMOs require more and open study so that everyone can know what their effects are on the enviroment. GMOs also require more sudy on the effects they would have on the human body so that the assumption that GMOs cause cancer or other illness can be known once and for all. GMOs need more research and companies that sell them need to be more fluid and open for the world to trust in them. GMOs have been around for thousands of years. The plants and animals we have now are incredibly different fromt those we had thousands years ago.(Kurzgesat) They allow farmers to have a more productive plant that is less likely to get destroyed by hostile conditions or insects. GMOs are an incredable advance in science, however it is being exploited.

They are causing excessive and frivoulous use of herbicides and pesticides creating weeds that are resistant to herbicides that worked in the past. Genetic Engineering has hurt modern agriculture by reducing the genetic diversity of plants and it has made the pesticides and herbicides to be used in excess.


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