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How to Easily Light a Living Room With No Overhead LightingAre you wondering how to make your living room bright without any overhead lights? A few years back, a friend asked me something similar.

I simply took her to my house and showed her how the pros do it. When I moved in to my new home, I didn’t have any overhead lights. That’s when the idea of using other lighting options crossed my mind. They might seem costly, but trust me, they’re not. Image source: http://uberestimate.

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co/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/light-furniture-for-living-room-view-in-gallery-lightweight-living-room-chairs.jpgIf you want to install new overhead lights, you’re going to have to spend a lot of money. And if you add the cost of hiring an electrician for the job, your budget can easily spiral out of control. Instead, you can opt for other inexpensive options, like floor lamps and hanging lights, or you can play around with the decoration and orientation of your living room.Today, I’m going to share some useful tips and tricks on how to light a living room with no overhead lighting.What You Will NEED to Follow This TutorialIf you want to light up your rooms with no overhead lights, you may have to go shopping for a few things. Here is the list of things that you’ll need:For wall lamps and hanging lamps:  Small Tool KitWire TapeLampsFor floor lamps:Wire cutterScrewdriverWire TapeFloor LampsWhat Not To DoBefore I start with how you can light up your living room without overhead lights, it’s better I make it clear what you should NOT do.Don’t Depend on Battery Operated LightsWhy? Because they are unreliable.

Battery-powered lights have a short life and wear out as time passes. Keeping track of when you have to change the batteries is also a headache. There can be times when the battery may die late at night. If you don’t have spare batteries at home, you’ll just have to walk to the fridge in the dark for your midnight snack.

Avoid Purchasing LED Strips  Most of us think LED strips can give our home that heavenly touch we want, but they will never do the job for you. It’s better to avoid buying these cheap looking lights for your homes. Also, they aren’t very pleasing when you have to plug them up in with a power cord. So, save yourself the effort and consider other options. Excess Floor and Table Lamps Too much of anything loses its charm. If you plan to get floor or table lamps, try not to overcrowd the room with it.

The simplicity of the room makes it look beautiful – don’t ruin it by adding too many pieces.Image Source: to Light a Living Room with No Overhead LightingNow that you have everything to get started, it’s finally time to learn how to light a living room with no overhead lighting.Choose Your Lights WiselyOption #1: Two or more large floor lampsImage Source: floor lamps always look beautiful and act as a piece of furniture or decoration in your room. Apart from lighting up the space, they will also add to its elegance.

Place one lamp on each corner of the roomImage Source: can place one lamp on each corner to spread the light to every inch of the place.Connect them to the same power stripImage Sources: them to the same power strip will provide you the ease of switching them on and off at the same time.Move them around for a different look Image Source: http://wallabywebdesign.

com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/ has favored floor lamps, calling them versatile. That means you can play around with them for a different look every time.Option #2: Chandelier or swag light fixture with a long cordImage Source: swag light or chandelier is also a splendid idea for your room. The long cord will come in handy so that you can plug them into any side of the room.

Get a swag light for your living room Image Source: to your local lighting and fixture store and buy a beautiful swag light according to the design of your room. Remember to choose the one that has a long cord.

Decide where to hang itImage Source:

jpgAccording to the size of your room and furniture, select an ideal location to hang the light. Keep in mind that it should be hanged where it can light up the whole room. As a rule of thumb, the center of the room is the best place; however, it might be different in your particular case. Install a hook with the swag lightImage Source: hook will hold the swag light in place and keep it from falling. Though you might be wondering what’s the difference between an overhead light and a hanging swag light.

Well, the latter is easy to install and you can relocate it any time without any hassle. Attach the cord to the extensionImage Source:

png?resize=600%2C503Since hanging swag lights have long cords, you can easily attach them to a wall outlet regardless of the distance. However, it isn’t appealing to see a wire laying around or nailed against the wall in a room. That’s why it’s better to use a power strip for this purpose.

Option #3: Swing wall sconces Image Source: swing wall sconces directly into a wall outlet adds a touch of elegance and offers convenience.

 Here is how you can make these wall scones go well with the overall décor:Two swing wall sconces are recommendedImage Source: should get two swing wall sconces for your living room. Install them on opposite corners of the room ensuring that they are in line with the entrance wall. Connect to the same power stripImage Source:×2576/filters:no_upscale():fill(transparent,1)/close-up-of-cords-plugged-into-power-strip-482141903-57fe97e73df78cbc28606ef4.jpgBy connecting them to the same power strip or extension, it will become easier to switch them on and off together.

Option #4: Large arc floor lampImage Source: Spruce has included large arc floor lamps in its list of “15 Beautiful Living Room Lighting Ideas”. So, get a modern style large arc floor lamp that can light up any room instantly while adding a modern touch to your living space. Place it on a table or sofaImage Source: you don’t like your lights hanging from the ceiling, the large arc floor lamp is a great alternative as it can be easily placed over the furniture.

There should be enough space for itImage Source: arc floor lamps take up a lot of space. So, make sure you have enough before deciding to get one for your living room. In other words, if your living room space is cluttered and has a lot of furniture, they might not be the best option.Option #5: String lights Image Source:

jpg?v=1492611860Use string lights that you can hang from the ceiling in a variety of ways. Here are a few ways you can rock these lights in your home:Plan it outImage Source: lights look great when installed along the top edges of all the four walls of a room.

Also, if there is a big piece furniture placed against the wall, you can outline it with string lights to create a dramatic effect. Buy many string lightsImage Source: per your lighting needs, buy string lights in a large quantity with proper lengths. It’s also advised to buy the ones that can be plugged into one another, like Christmas lights, to form a single connection.Install the hooksImage Source: http://warisanlighting.

com/wp-content/uploads/parser/ceiling-light-hooks-1.jpgStart putting up the hooks on the walls, hang the lights, and switch them on to see whether they are properly lighting up your living room.Pros and ConsString lights look heavenly when installed in a living room – the only downside is that they are hard to use and maintain.

Powerful LED or CFC Blub to Produce Lots of LightAccording to Business Insider, “Every home needs good lighting that’s energy-efficient and attractive.” If you use low-quality bulbs, your rooms will look dull and lifeless, while utilizing a high amount of energy. Instead, LED and CFC bulbs are a better choice than incandescent bulbs.Image Source: up a Remote SwitchIt’s better to install a switch with which you can turn the lights on and off with multiple devices in your home.

Connect the switch to a wall outlet to make controlling lighting in your living room practically effortless.Image Source: the Decoration and Orientation of the RoomDon’t pick fancy lamp shadesImage Source: http://www.chapterchicks.

com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Small-Primitive-Lamp-Shades.jpgAvoid buying colorful or dark lampshades. Houzz considers the fabric of the lampshades a crucial element for interior lighting.

Though they might look pleasing, they reduce the amount of light coming out of the lamp. Use light-colored lampshades that allow more light to pass through their fabric. If you think the lamp alone is good enough for your room, you can even remove its shade.Light-colored wall paintImage Source:

0&fit=max&cs=stripIt’s better to choose light color paint for your walls. Dark color absorbs more light and reflects only a fraction of it back into the room, therefore turning the ambiance dull and dark. White or light colors bounce back more light, brightening up the room and giving it a more elegant appearance.Strategically place your mirrorsImage Source: https://4.bp. can enhance the overall brightness of your room if placed in the right position.

Make sure you hang mirrors at an angle that the light from your lamps and other sources fall right onto them, reflecting more light back into the room.Avoid curtainsImage Source: https://communities.dmcihomes.

com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Do-Away-With-Curtains-condo-living-room.jpgDon’t cover the windows with curtains – let the sunshine pour into your room during the day and the moon and stars shower their pure white light at night.Final WordsSelecting the right lights for your living room and other areas of your home that don’t cost you a pretty penny can be difficult. I hope that from this tutorial, you have learned how to light a living room with no overhead lighting, and you have found it useful. As far as I know, these steps have worked for many of my friends. I have saved a lot by choosing other options over overhead lights. Try out these steps and let me know how they worked out for you in the comments.

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