HostGator, one of the fastest growing companies

HostGator,a Houston based company founded by Brent Oxley in October 2002 is one of thefastest growing companies in the United States. It is a global provider of webhosting and related services.  WHAT IS WEB HOSTING?When you create a website and want to publish it onthe Internet, you require a web hosting service.

So to make a website visibleon the web, the files and related data of the website must be stored on acomputer that is connected to the Internet. And these computers are called as “Servers”.For the users wanting to visit the website, all they would require is to typethe website address into their browser and then the computer wouldautomatically connect it to the server and the webpages will be delivered tothem.

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 what you should look for in a web hosting platformAmongst a lot of services that a web hosting platformprovides, the features that you should look for while choosing any one of themare:·       SOFTWARE Theweb hosting company should offer an a very interactive user interface and alsoa control panel that’s easy to use because if you’ve never developed a websitebefore, you’ll need a user interface that offers you easy navigation along withinformative buttons and a very high level of functionality. So, before settlingdown on a host, check that whether it provides an integrated website builder. Lookfor a one which can help you create a basic Web page or a complex website withnumerous pages.      ·       SECURITY Tomake sure that unwanted systems don’t spam using your email address and protectyour website from various types of viruses present in the Internet, hostingsecurity is important. Also, apart from protecting the website from variousviruses, security of data is also important.

Companies should provide a securedata centre, proper backup of data, and features like a manual reboot ofservers. Having all these features are necessary for a webpage to be secure.   ·       SUPPORT To have a backup support system when technical problems arise is a must.Various low cost web hosting companies do not provide great support. Havingsome kind of professional help like 24/7 online help support, customer helplinenumber or things like FAQ’s or even video tutorials helps a lot. 


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