Hospitality the “low end customers” that Marissa

Hospitality Today: Case Study Assignment maid in Manhattan Lecturer: Mrs Knoetze Author: Sandile Thabo Mk hulise Contents 1. Introduction 2. Answers to the questions I. Every morning the housekeeping staff of the Beresford Hotel has their morning meeting where the executive housekeeper gives a handover of all the guests that will be checking in that day. What other responsibilities does the executive housekeeper have? II.

Marissa is a room attend ant. It is her responsibility to clean the guest room s at the hotel. What are her duties when cleaning the guestroom? III. When Caroline Lane checked into the par suite, what gesture did Marissa perform to “go the extra mile”? IV. What type of hotel guest is candidate Marshall? What factors determines the ty pe of hotel he chooses to stay at? V.

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A management position opens and they want to start getting applications. What type of recruitment are they going to do? Name other examples of this type of recruitment. VI. What type of hotel is Beresford Hotel? Explain how you arrived at your answer.

VII. Who are the “low end customers” that Marissa referred to when she and the lady at the cosmetics counter had the argument because she was on the phone with a friend and did not help her customers? VIII. In your opinion, was it ethical to lend Marissa the expensive Harry Winston necklace? IX.

Marissa had to update her CV for the management’s position. Can you give her some suggestions on what the do’s and don’ts are when making a CV? X. In your opinion, was Mariss a unfairly dismissed? Suggest to the Manager how he could have dealt with the dismissal in a more ethical and fair way. 3. Conclusion 4. BibliographyIntroductionMaris sa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez) is a single mother born and bred in the boroughs of New York City, who works as a maid in a first -class Manhattan hotel called Beresford Hotel .

By a twist of fate and mistaken identity, Maris sa meets Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes), a handsome heir to a political dynasty, who is convinced that she is a gu est at the hotel. Fate steps in and throws the unlikely pair together for one night , at an event he invites her to attend . When Marisa’s true identity is revealed, the two find that they are worlds apart, even though the distance separating them is just a subway ride b etw een Manhattan and the Bronx of New York.

QUESTION 1 . What are the responsibilities of an executive housekeeper? ? Supervises all housekeeping employees. ? Hires new employees as needed. ? Discharges employees when necessary and takes disciplinary actions when polices aren’t followed.

? Recruits and trains new employees. ? Assist purchase department, in selecting suppliers related to housekeeping. ? Develop and implement housekeeping systems and procedures. ? Evaluate employee performance for p romotions and transfers. ? Plans work for the housekeeping systems and distribute assignments accordingly. QUESTION 2 . What are the duties of a room attended? ? Changing bed linen and towels.

? Making beds. ? Vacuuming floors. ? Ensure presence of fire safety, rate cards and DND sign, inspect condition and replace as needed. ? Dusting and polishing furniture.

? Replacing stocks of guest suppliers such as shampoo and soap. ? Re -stocking drinks in the mini -bar ? Empty trash containers and recycling bins. ? Remove dirty laundry that needs to be cleaned and replace laundry bags and slips.

? Update status of rooms cleaned on assignments sheets.QUESTION 3 . When Caroline Lane checked into the park suite, what gesture did Marissa perform to go the extra mile? ? Marissa places Caroline Lane’s favorite plant, lavender on her pillow. QUESTION 4 . What type of hotel guest is candidate Marshall? What factors determines the type of hotel he chooses to stay? Business guest or corporate individual ? Location. ? Previous experiences. ? Price.

? Customer service. ? Room service rates the quality of the rooms is good. QUESTION 5 . Type of recruitment and examples? ? Promotions ? Internal Advertisement ? Selecting top talents within an organization to higher level. QUESTION 6 . What type of hotel is Beresford hotel? Business luxury suite hotel ? Their major source of revenue is from business ? Meeting and convention attendees (functions) from individual business travelers. ? Usually accommodates to rich and important guests ? They have standard rooms.

? Professional staff mem bers. QUESTION 7 . Low end customers Marissa refers to. ? The low salary paid, such as the maids. QUESTION 8 . Was it ethical to lend Marissa the necklace. Lending Marissa the necklace was a good thing, this is because being ethical means, honest and being tru stworthy so she took it to be on a level of the businessman she was going out with to match up with her standards.QUESTION 9 .

DO’s in a CV ? Use the correct format. Personal details, educational details and experience and reference. ? Make your CV clear, neat and tidy. ? Place the important information up -front ? Use positive language. ? Be honest DON’T’s ? Hand -write ? Include information which may be viewed negatively ? Include salary information and expectations ? Make your CV more than two pages long ? Don’t lie.

QUES TION 10 . Was Marissa unfairly dismissed? How could it have been dealt wi th in a more ethical & fair way? ? Yes she was dismissed fairly because she stole a guest’s name and clothes. ? She had a sexual relationship with a guest.

? She would miss work for personal reasons taking walking with Marshall. To some extent she wasn’t fairly dismissed. ? She was dismissed in front of guests. ? They just dismissed her without hearing her side of the story. The general manager should’ve made it more private and kept it staff ori ented. The guests should not have witnessed her being fired and especially in that manner.

Conclusion The misunderstanding lends itself to a handful of funny and charming scenes, and the paparazzo’s pictures add the requisite comedic chaos to the plot. Eventually, the movie reaches its inevitable feel -good ending. Through all of this we are able to observe the different ways of interacting with guests and how to and not to behave in certain situations. BIBLIOGRAPHY Angelo, R. M. (1932 -2008). Hospitality Today An introduction.

In R. M. Angelo, Hospitality Today (Seventh Edition ed., pp. 152, 153, 154, 170 , 172). United States of America: Andrew N.

Vladimir. Wang, W. (Director). (2002). Maid in Manhattan Motion Picture.



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