Horror film essay

The purpose of this article is to explain why we as people are so in to horror movies. The intended audience is anyone who loves horror movies. Why We Crave Horror Movies he attempts to explain the reasons we go in to dark movie theaters and endure the horror of a scary movie. His main conclusion is that we are all a little deranged as he states, “If we are all insane, then sanity becomes a matter of degree. ” In Kings essay, it seems he generally assumes that people like horror ivies, which is most definitely not the case.

I, for one, do not like horror movies and don’t understand why someone would see a movie that creates a plot out of some horrific scenes from your worst nightmares. But I think King is focusing on those people who do like scary movies for this particular essay. One of his reasoning that we go is “to re-establish our feelings Of essential normality,” in that no matter how ugly or out of place we feel in this world, its nothing compared to the monsters and crazy killers in a horror movie.This seasoning seems to cater to people trying to define themselves in this world. King states that one of the reasons we go to see horror movies is to prove to ourselves that we’re not afraid. He relates the experience to riding a roller coaster; that no matter how much audacity we think we have, if its really good we still might let out a scream.

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He also thinks that the horror movie is a young person’s domain, in contrast to where an elderly person might not find amusing.He supports this assumption by analyzing the feelings we let out hen watching a horror movie. We can set aside our civilized, adult self we must carry with us throughout society and become enjoy a simpler mind set.

Because the younger generation usually goes sees horror movies my time going in the movie theater I have barley seen older people in there. Lastly, King reasons that underlying all the insanity a person must have to venture into a horror movie, we just want to have fun and escape from real life sometimes.Some people think its fun to see people tortured and killed, which brings us back to his main conclusion we’re all insane. “If pro football has become the voyeur’s version of combat, then the horror film has become the modern version Of the public lynching,” King says, which doesn’t seem far from the truth.

The plain brutality and repulsion horror films contain provide us with a sort of mental relief the simplicity of the plot lets our emotions have free rein and our minds free from overthrowing and it’s just something that some people enjoy.

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