Homework… as it is only adds on

Homework… why do we have homework? Apparently it is essential to students education in life according to some teachers. But I don’t get why we need more work to do at home when we just finished working hard all day. That being said, I feel that homework should not be necessary as it is only adds on to the stresses we have in life. Solving problem after problem, reading textbook after textbook, and studying for exams and tests is not only hard but makes students frustrated and feel unsuccessful and leads to potential dropouts.

Keeping in mind, it not only is a waste of time for students but the teachers as well.Marking and grading homework with up to 30 different students in the three different classes they teach is wasting bucket loads of time. I always here teachers blame their students saying that we wasted their time but really they wasted their own time, so please stop blaming us. Some teachers strongly believe that homework is an easy way to see a students progress throughout the course when in reality I have never had a teacher collect my homework, mark it, and return it back to me since I was in grade 2. Also I think that homework is not sent home to test the student, it is to test their parents, how do the teachers know who is doing the homework at home? Maybe it’s the student, or their parents, or they could be rely on the power of the internet, they don’t know. Teachers can’t watch the students success while their home, they can watch their progress a lot better when they are sitting at a desk doing their work.

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