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A patient asks Rosa why the physician did not prescribe an antibiotic for her viral illness. What should Rosa say to the patient? Include in your discussion the physician’s concerns about antibiotic resistance. 3. Mrs.. Beck has been diagnosed with the flu.

Explain why she might be ordered over-the-counter (ETC) or prescribed medication as a palliative treatment for this viral infection. Give an example of an ETC that the physician might recommend to relieve her discomfort. 4. While performing punctured, Rosa receives an accidental neediest. Describe the post exposure instructions and follow-up procedures.

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. Rosa realizes that her patient needs to be educated about proper sepsis. However, in a busy office, the staff does not have a lot of extra time. What can Rosa do during her time with the patient to educate the person properly about aseptic techniques? Include the difference between an antiseptic and a disinfectant. 6.

Rosa is responsible for teaching a new member of the staff sanitize and cuisines properly the instruments used throughout a typical day in the facility. What APE should the employee use to protect herself from possible contamination?What are the important steps in cleaning instruments so that all biologic material is removed? What are some reasons that disinfection might not occur? How can the medical assistant prevent these errors? WORKPLACE APPLICATION OPTIONS 1 . Employers with workers who are at risk for occupational exposure to blood or other infectious materials must implement an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Exposure Control plan that details employee protection procedures. List seven items that should be included in the plan. 2.

Rosa is concerned that she may be allergic to latex.For what signs and symptoms should she look when she puts on latex gloves? Is Rojas’s employer required to supply her with latex-free gloves if she does have a latex allergy? Why or why not? 3. Rosa is helping update the OSHA Exposure Control Plan in her office. She wants to include a policy for wearing gloves. List six different times that gloves should be worn. 4. To prevent cross contamination of infectious materials among patients, herself, and other staff members, it is vital that Rosa understand and follow he Cad’s recommendations for adequate hand hygiene.

Summarize these GU deadlines. 5. Review Procedure 27-4 in your textbook, Performing Medical Aseptic Handshaking. What did you learn? Practice proper handshaking for the next 24 hours. Note any new habits you have formed. Do you see any improvement? Have you noticed the handshaking behaviors of others? Explain the difference between resident and transient bacteria. 6. Rosa is assisting the physician with a dressing change when a patient suspected Of having tuberculosis coughs, and mucus splatters into Rojas’s eyes.

Based on what you learned in Procedure 27-2, what should Rosa do?

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