Homelessness homelessness which are the poverty in life,

Homelessness is the situation when people live at the street because they are not have any house. They are unable to have any suitable and safe house.

Live at the street are not their choice because most of them have their own hidden story why they are being homelessness. People who are living at the street need to struggle to continue their life. Other people are always underestimated the homeless like they do not have a better future. We should not judge a book by its cover.

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There are three causes of homelessness which are the poverty in life, the unemployment and the substance abuse. First and foremost, the common cause of homelessness is the poverty in life. Poverty is when people with a very low income and need to survive for their life. Because of the condition that they faced, they are not afford to buy or rent any house. Then, they need to live at the street without their willingness. Poverty are just not about the income, but it also include the denial od opportunity.

. According to homelessnessaustralia, (Jan,2016), not enough money, poor in schooling, illness and disability also the condition of poverty that can cause homeless. So, we can see that are poverty will lead someone to be homeless. Next, the unemployment also the cause of homelessness. When people does not have any job, they also do not have any income to support their live. . 123HelpMe (2008) highlighted that they need to find another shelter because they are not able to pay their rent on time when their lose and fail to find another job.

Nowadays, cost of living are increasing year by year. People with high income are not affected with the increasing cost of living, but the low and middle class income are affected with this situation. Their will get unstable economy and they need to struggle to have a good life .Then, people without a job are really affected because they cannot rent any house and they need to live on the street. Last but not least, substance abuse can lead to homelessness. Substance abuse are refer to all drugs and alcohol in use. This is because when they are addicted with drug and alcohol they need more money to buy the substances.

They will use all of their money to spend it to the substances. When they do not have more money they are unable to pay the rent and they need to find another shelter. According to michaelshouse (2018) , the major factor for the person being homeless are substance abuse. In conclusion, there are three causes of homelessness which are the poverty in life, the unemployment and the substance abuse.

There are many reasons why people are being homelessness. We need to give a moral support to the homelessness so that they have a strength to continue their life at the street. Other than that, we also can give some foods and clothes to them due to they are not afford to buy it.


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