/*Hjh Subtraction “); printf(“c. Division “); printf(“d.

/*Hjh Fatini Auni binti Hj Anuar Puasa (B20171065) from EEE*/#include #include #include #include #include int SubCalMenu();int SubGuessMenu();int SubMagicMenu();int SubConMenu();int SubSPCMenu();int main(){ while(1) { char x; printf(“Please select one of the following options by entering the number: “); printf(“1. Calculation “); printf(“2.

Guess A Number “); printf(“3. Magic Square “); printf(“4. Conversion “); printf(“5. Scrabble Points Calculator “); printf(“0.

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Quit “); scanf(” %c”, &x); switch(x) { case ‘1’ : SubCalMenu(); break; case ‘2’ : SubGuessMenu(); break; case ‘3’ : SubMagicMenu(); break; case ‘4’ : SubConMenu(); break; case ‘5’ : SubSPCMenu(); break; case ‘0’ : printf(“Quit”); return 0; break; default : printf(“Invalid. Please try again.”); break; } }}/*Calculation*/ int SubCalMenu(){ char y; printf(“Select one of the following calculations by entering the letter: “); printf(“a. Addition “); printf(“b. Subtraction “); printf(“c.

Division “); printf(“d. Multiplication “); printf(“e. Roots of quadratic equation “); scanf(” %c”, &y); if(y==’a’) { int n, i, value, sum = 0; float average; printf(“Enter how many numbers you want to add: “); scanf(“%d”, &n); printf(“Enter %d numbers: “, n); for(i=0; i


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