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Good morning class, my name is Aim Combs and today I will be informing you on the history, prevention, and living with HIVE/AIDS. A common misconception about HIVE and AIDS is that they are the same thing.

WRONG! HIVE is a virus that could lead to an infection while AIDS is a condition brought about by HIVE which many people do not survive. You can have HIVE without having AIDS but if you have AIDS then you have HIVE as well. The aim of this paper is to help you all better see the signs and protect yourself.

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Although there are millions of cases f HIVE every year a cure has yet to be found.According to WAITED: A very short introduction by Alan Whites, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, also known as HIVE, began to spread rapidly during the sass’s. After identifying the disease scientists could not pin point what exactly was causing it, how it spread, or which treatments were most effective. HIVE/AIDS has become a controversial medical, political, and social concern.

HIVE and AIDS: A Global View written by Karen Macerate states that is has been suggested that the govern meet was slow to recognize and adapt to the growing epidemic, public ND private agencies and institutions have achieved considerable success.Even though there has not been vaccine to prevent the HIVE infection or a cure for AIDS there are a few important ways you can protect yourself from coming in contact with either one of these diseases. First thing you can do is use a new condom every time you have sex, especially if you don’t know the HIVE status of your sexual partner. Next step is to NEVER share needles with people because HIVE is commonly shared through blood. The final step to consider is male circumcision.

It has been proven to help reduce a male’s risk f acquiring HIVE.

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