History controlled and programmed Lego robot was

History of LegoRobotics and Mind stormsLego mind storm was firstintroduced in 1998 and since then it has been the best selling product of theLego Company it has got quite a history .in 1988 the first computer controlledand programmed Lego robot was introduced.(History of Lego Robotics, 2017).

Mind storm ev3 is the third generation of the Lego mindstorm blocks it has improved a lot over the years if you compare it with themind storm generation 2 it had NXT brick which is not that much efficient ascompared to the brick which comes  withthe mind storm ev3 .(Lego_Mindstorms_EV3#Overview, 2018) The Lego mind-storm ev3 have introduced many robots that arevery efficient and technological advance robots. We also had some previousexperiences with the Lego mind-storm ev3 as we constructed the Track3r and the R3ptarrobots from the Lego mind storm ev3 kit in our first assignment. This time weconstructed one of the new robots of the Lego mind storm ev3 which is named as ROBODOZ3R.

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ROBODOZ3RThe robodoz3r is one of the amazing robots of the Lego Mindstorm ev3.it is a very efficient robot with a modern design and having lots offeature makes it a technological advance robot. It is a type of bulldozer robotwhich can be controlled by infrared remote. it has two strong motors which helpit to move in all  with speed .it has ashovel with which it can pick up things and move them, an infrared sensor forthe autonomous mode and the follow me mode. It is also designed to operate onuneven surface and mount on any surface.it is a very advance robot and has 360degree turning capability too.

(robodoz3r-english-version.html, 2018)Figure 1https://www.lego.

com/en-us/mindstorms/build-a-robot/robodoz3rFigure 1 shows the ROBODOZ3R and its IR Beacon attached toits top  Construction and Programming stepsConstruction For the construction of the ROBODOZ3R we were given the fulltoolkit of the Lego Mind-storm ev3 and as we had the previous experience withthe Lego mind storm ev3 kit ,so this turned out to be very helpful and similar to our previous task wedivided the parts of the ROBODOZ3R between our team  and constructed it .Figure 2  Figure 3                                     Theparts shown in the figure 2  and 3 showsthe parts  were constructed by me as theywere form page 1 to 15Figure 4Figure 4 shows the motor of theROBODOZ3R that was constructed by eddy and assembling was done by eddy too.ProgrammingThe default program of the ROBODOZ3R was already installed.We just had to connect the ROBODOZ3R with the software to run it and weconnected it with the software successfully the most challenging task in theprogramming of the robot was the follow me program mode which is explained laterin the report.Figure 5https://bricks.stackexchange.com/questions/8606/scroll-screen-in-ev3-home-edition-programThe figure 5 shows the default program that was alreadyinstalled in the Lego mind storm ev3 software to connect the ROBODOZ3R and runit .

Reflection of the challenges encountered duringthis part The first challenge we faced   in assembling the ROBODOZ3R was that we werenot able to connect the three tyres with the belt and the reason for this wasthe belt as it was little extra stretched and it did not fitted the tyresproperly .this was a big problem for us and we find it really difficult tosolve this problem but later on we took help from our lecturer and he moved thethree tyres a little bit upward to make space for the belt to fit properly.The second challenge that we faced during this task wasconnecting the wires to the respective ports and we really struggled in thispart we made a mistake by connecting the wires on the wrong parts in the firstplace, but after looking briefly at the instructions we were able to figure outthe ports ,but we had to disassemble some parts to connect wires to the rightports.

Figure 6The figure 6 shows that how the wires were connected to theports. Robots DeconstructionWorking The ROBODOZ3R consist of various parts .the most importantpart of the ROBODOZ3R is the two motors which are connected to the brick. Thebrick provides power and commands to the motors to turn. The shovel is used tomove stuff the shovel can be the controlled by infrared beacon .the ROBODOZ3Rhave a set of wheels on both sides which are connected in a set through arubber belt .One of the wheels on each side is connected to  a motor so when the motor rotates the wheelalso rotates.

The ROBODOZ3R can move left right forward backward and even itcan make 360 degree turns.Large motorsFigure 7https://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/build-a-robot/robodoz3rThe figure above shows the large motor. There are two ofthese large motors which were to be installed during constructing the ROBODOZ3Rthese motors acts as the power house and provide movement to the ROBODOZ3R.Medium motor There was another motor inROBODOZ3R which was in the middle of the two motors this motor is named asmedium motor this motor is used for moving the shovel of the ROBODOZ3R upwardor downward.Figure 8https://www.lego.com/en-us/mindstorms/build-a-robot/robodoz3r  Figure 9https://www.lego.com/ru-ru/mindstorms/videos/fan-robot-robodoz3r-1edd729a70644e79a55aad2e89c12590Figure 9 shows how robodoz3r uses its shovel to mount stuffand move it between two points the shovel can be used by switching between thechannels.Infrared Sensor


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