History vehicle which they can call their own,

History of E Trike in Manila “This is primarily a livelihood program with the main objective of providing our poor tricycle and kuliglig drivers an ‘upgraded’ public transport vehicle which they can call their own, and from which they could earn more,” Estrada said.The driver of the e-trikes will pay the city government R250 a day for four years at zero interest, Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) chief Dennis Alcoreza said.The cost of charging the e-trike’s battery will be shouldered by the Manila. The Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) has set up charging stations for the electric vehicles – the first one in Binondo.

The Japanese-manufactured e-trikes run on gel-type batteries than can be fully charged in four to five hours. It can carry up to six passengers and has a top speed of 40 to 45 kilometers per hour (kph). The first beneficiaries are residents of District 3, which has been chosen as the pilot site for the e-trike project. District 3 covers the areas of Binondo, Quiapo, San Nicolas, and Sta. Cruz. The vehicles will also be introduced in Malate, Ermita, and University Belt, according to Alcoreza. He also said that e-trikes will have exclusively franchised routes so as not to compete with fuel-run tricycles.The city government bought 280 e-trikes, at R400,000 each, for distribution this year.

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Estrada said the city government will buy thousands more of the e-trikes to gradually replace fuel-run tricycles and complement Manila’s efforts to cut air pollution. (Aberia, 2017) Evolution of E Trike The alternative electric vehicle for delivery (E-Trike) is a developing three-wheel electric vehicle for goods delivery. Small size and its three-wheel mobility are required for flexible manoeuvrability on urban space due to traffic, parking and alley road. In this study, three different Alpha frames (Alpha-0, Alpha-1, and Alpha-2) of E-Trike vehicle are analysed using numerical simulation LS-DYNA. This study is conducted to obtain the modal response E-Trike vehicle. Eigenvalues of dynamics properties are investigated to avoid a resonance on excitation frequency. LS-DYNA implicit simulation used for simulating quadrangular shell element for the surface geometry of the frames.

Boundary conditions are applied to the steering and suspension joints represent the real field. The result shows the amplitudes and the natural frequencies of Alpha frames. Bending mode and torsion mode can be determined. Based on the simulation, there is a pattern of vibration modes. Alpha-2 which is the latest version of three configurations has better response on vibration modes. There is about 3% reduction of vibration amplitude at Alpha-2 than Alpha-0 and Alpha-1. Natural frequency response for each mode occurs at similar range.

Furthermore, a shifted natural frequency of Alpha-2 combination mode occurs due to addition of the stretched frame. (Arifurrahman, 2018) The bicycle not only promotes good health and exercise, but can also be transformed into a vehicle capable of quick and easy transportation. Placing a motor on the bicycle along with a battery pack to supply energy to the motor can allow the rider to increase travel speed as well as overall distance.

(Taschner, 2011)Implementing EVs are not commercially competitive compared with conventional gas or diesel-fed vehicles, particularly, hurdle in the acquisition cost. Financial institutions/developmental banks should open their portfolio for early adopters of EVs. New businesses should be further encouraged to invest in after sales services such as, charging stations, parts and supply/service centers, warranty/insurance providers, etc. For EV industry to take off, the DOE has come up for a short to medium-term action plans that will assist in its establishment. (DOE, 2017)Advantages of Using E TrikeWith the motorcycle in front, acting as a towing vehicle for two rows of four-seater benches behind, all under a lightweight yellow shell, the e-trike easily has an advantage on a regular tricycle. Those only seat two, and the driver is only partially shaded from sun and rain.(Orendain, 2012)


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