History, to gain a better understanding on how

History, for me, has always been a way to analyse and explore the world we live in today.

My personal interest in history has allowed me to gain a wider understanding on different global and sociological theories. Spanish philosopher, George Santayana published his magnum opus, The Life of Reason, between 1905-06 and in his book he contemplates moral philosophy in our society. He states in his book; “Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it”. This has been an often quoted phrase for a better part of a century but with each passing year it seems more pertinent than ever.By studying history we can see that every action has an equal reaction and that change is a constant. It is likely most evident in the present day politics and it is often not too difficult to, for instance, draw connections between modern day populists and the fascist and socialist leaders of the early 20th century.

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It’s truly fascinating how by examining past events we may notice apt similarities in their working patterns and conclude that their exploitation of the common people is often through deceitful propaganda.Throughout my life, I have had the privilege of living in an immensely multicultural neighbourhood all my life. Growing up in a council estate among families with varying cultural backgrounds has allowed me to expand my vision as a history enthusiast, and hearing stories and learning new aspects to already familiar historical events has only fuelled my academic interest even further. By studying foreign cultures, I have also created a stronger urge to find what historic events have shaped my own cultural heritage. By examining Scandinavian folk-lore, most notably the Kalevala, and combining it with historic facts, I’ve managed to gain a better understanding on how we Finns have developed as a cultural society during these last few centuries. For a number of years, my life has mainly revolved around my education and my football career. Playing football for the highest national youth level in Finland as well as attending one of the most esteemed Upper Secondary Schools in the country has been physically and mentally rewarding. Maintaining high standards for both has required me to uphold a rigorous work schedule and the relationship between them has been harmonious.

This is something I strongly believe will continue during my History studies in University. Since early July, I have also served in The Finnish Defence Forces as a Military Police Officer. The training I have received has consisted of strict physical exercise as well as various lectures and independent studies on different forms of military education. The routine in the military has allowed me to become more self-discipline and I have no doubt in my mind that it will only aid my future studies. Also throughout my time in the army, my interest toward the military and war aspect of history has grown immensely. Through my military training I have been able to take part in different diplomatic traditions such as a state funeral, and various diplomatic visits from leaders of foreign countries. These experiences have given me an insight in to the longstanding traditions of diplomatic relationships and I am truly ambitious in learning more about the historical context of diplomacy in war and military history, and how the relationships between different nations have been impacted by the great wars of the recent centuries.

As mentioned above, the sheer amount of information we can learn by studying history is astonishing. I find it equally exciting and terrifying how much I have yet to learn about different aspects of history and it is something I aim to expand my knowledge in. I am confident that in the future I will be working within the exciting academic field of History and contributing to research that will allow future societies to understand our historical heritage even further.


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