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Hire top performers. When a team member is considering moving to another employer, he or she usually sees a vivid picture of a strong company. Purposefully strengthen those things that are the key to successful work in your organization – for example, additional privileges, companionship, permanent investments in the latest technologies. Clearly state employees the opportunities for growth. Make sure that the performers of the highest qualification can see their future in your organization. Bring examples of other employees who have gone this route and built a long-term career in your company. Give employees a clear understanding of what specific steps they need to take to pursue career growth, the necessary resources and your support.

Help them develop. Specialists who feel that their career has started to go into a state of stagnation are more likely to look for a chance to move to another job. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the professional development of staff. For example, if it’s too expensive to send the whole team to a conference, consider sending one member, and then let him or she make an unofficial report for the whole group.Regularly provide employees with information. Turbulence in recent years has significantly strengthened the importance of stability in the eyes of employees. Indeed, experts interviewed recently by Robert Half Technology, considered “work in a stable organization” the most important factors among those having value for them in the work environment. Communicate to your employees as much as possible about the main events, including news about the successes and failures of your organization.

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Those workers who are in ignorance can assume the worst, and this will make the prospects of the other employer brighter.Avoid overloading. In connection with the resumption of implementation of long-term projects, many specialists are experiencing heavy loads, which leads to increased stress levels.

Watch for the first manifestations of fatigue of your employees, such as missed work days or inconsistent productivity, and also consider the issue of attracting additional specialists to the project during periods of peak load. Also clearly prioritize the projects, and do not consider each of them as the main and urgent.Support competition in terms of wages. Look at the current wage in your organization and try to bring it into line with industry standards. If your company can not afford such expenses, keep in mind that for many professionals, such advantages as flexible scheduling or distance work can compensate for minor wage deficiencies.

Express appreciation as soon as possible and as often as possible. Frequent positive feedback for a job well done is a powerful tool for preserving professionals in any environment. The best performers should never forget that their contribution is appreciated. Creative bonuses and programs, such as the organization of country walks, can be an economically effective way to show their appreciation. However, this will not replace the simple, but sincere and informal word “thank you”.Regularly review all your actions. To ensure that all of your methods are not obsolete, regularly review their effectiveness.

Do not hesitate to ask the members of the team about those rewards and benefits that are of the greatest importance to them. Their answers may be different today, a few months or a year ago.


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