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My name is Paula Vera binti John and I am the second eldest from my six siblings. I came from Kota Belud, Sabah. My race is Kadazan dusun. My hobbies are listening to music, dancing, and drawing as well. I like to do something new in my life in order to gain more new experience that can make me feel happy, relaxing, enjoy, and alive.

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I love to engage myself with the outdoor activities such as traveling, hiking, camping, and exploring. I’m an easy going person, cooperative, able to work in a team, always be willing to learn a new skill, deals with openness to new ideas and concepts, and committed to work. I have talent in cooking and love to learn many new recipes. If I have a free time, I love to hanging out with my family or friend where we can socialize well, sharing experience, and spend time together to create beautiful memories. I also have an experience in working which is I learned that to work in a teamwork is important to make any things easy done well. I am currently continued my study at Unitar International University in courses of Bachelor of management for 3 year, but before that I get my foundation study for 1 year.

I’m more interested in business career which is also as part of my dream to build my own business in the future. Before that, I have to achieve my life goals first to get better job after graduated and to be successful person, so I can help my parent also my future family too. Furthermore, to have an advance potential in terms of knowledge and skills.

I have a pretty good basic fundamental in using Microsoft word, PowerPoint and moderate in Microsoft excel. My communication skill is good in Malay and moderate in English. My ultimate life goal after get a better jobs is to travel the world to the places with beautiful views where I also can gain new experience from it, learn others people culture, increase knowledge and so forth.


I'm Gerard!

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