Heydar wall around the space. To reach

Heydar aliyev center has three separate zones a library, exhibition and auditorium with multipurpose support spaces under the same roof; the three spaces are separated from each other and have their own entry and security areas. Also they share some common places. So now the challenge is to put the library beside the auditorium and the museumLibrary:The library is orientated north, to take advantage of the natural light, and has its own entrance. The museum:It consists of a permanent gallery and a temporary exhibition gallery. The ceiling is made by steel trusses of nearly 1.

5 meters height that support its self-weight as well, serving as a cantilever of 25 metersAuditorium:The center accommodates a 1000-seat auditorium have direct access to the Plaza. The auditorium has two different entrances.The auditorium is 18 meters height and spans approximately 28 meters supported by concrete shear wall around the space. To reach a large span. As for the internal surface of ceiling, it is created by gypsum board supported by cables to meet acoustical and lighting requirementsAnkara acoustic specialist Mezzo Studyo worked with Sanset ?koor who was exploring options to fabricate the auditorium interiorLightning:Ground-embedded facade lighting positioned along the perimeter of the center projects cones of light onto the building’s surface, helping create the illusion that this glowing form is suspended above the Earth, free from the force of gravitation.The energy efficient lighting control system is able to control and monitor the efficiency of their lighting systems and use it to enhance the users experience by simple programming for various events and locations throughout the building are exterior and interior.

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