Hey car because you had to fix it

Hey everyone! First off I just want to thank everyone forbeing here to celebrate Jessie and Hilary’s special day. If you don’t know me,my name is Sydney. I am the maid of honor and the groom’s little sister.

Foranyone who knows Jessie like I do, you know he has always been that protectiveolder brother. That kind of older brother that drives you crazy but you stilllove to death. Every time I would bring up boys, he would tell me I couldn’t havea boyfriend until I was fifty. Yes, you heard me right, FIFTY! But even with theconstant bickering, giving me hell for wrecking my car because you had to fixit (all five wrecks), and scaring away any boy I brought home, I still loveyou. Now Hilary I don’t know if you’ve heard this story or not so Jess sorrynot sorry I’m still going to tell it because it’s cute. Don’t get me wrong Jessiehas matured and changed a lot since his frat boys gone wild college days. Momcould never remember the name of every girl he brought home so she just calledthem all Lauren, whether it was her name or not. She told Jessie to let himknow when she needed to remember another name because she was tired of keepingup with all the different names.

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A couple days before Jessie brought Hilaryhome he called Mom and was short and sweet about it. He told her “you need toremember this girl’s name because she is the one.” Hilary I am so glad you andJessie met because you have become like the sister I always wanted because,seriously, who wants to grow up with an older brother who is always on yourcase, and a younger brother who always annoys the hell out of you.

No one.Exactly. Hilary you are the luckiest girl in the world to have Jessie. I’ve hadeighteen years of putting up with him and now it’s your turn.

Just remember don’twreck your car and you will be golden. And Jessie don’t mess this up becausethen I’d have to dump you for Hilary because I like her more. Now if everyonecan raise their glasses and join me in congratulating the bride and groom. Ilove you both and congratulations!


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