hermodynamics the type of work done (Bell,

is the science of energy transfer from a place to another and deals with the
relationship of energy, heat and, temperature (Drake, n.d). The first law of
thermodynamics state that energy can change into different forms, however it
cannot be made or destroyed (n.d, 2001). In combustion reactions and
explosions, the chemical energy within chemical bonds changes to heat and
energy itself can be categorized by the type of work done (Bell, 2009).
Some of these categories include kinetic energy, chemical energy, potential
energy, mechanical energy etc. Then, the second law of thermodynamics discusses
the process of entropy and expresses that in any impulsive procedure, the
disorder of the universe rises (Bell, 2009). The reason entropy
increases in combustion reactions is due to the gaseous products that are created
and, the heat that is released by the exothermic reaction. Based on the kinetic
theory, as the temperatures rise, the movement of molecules also increase and
that results in an increased disorder. As mentioned earlier, in firearms and
guns, once the gunpowder ignites, it forms heat and expanding gas and as the gas
expansion continues, much of the energy is moved to the bullet as kinetic

figure above demonstrates the way a combustion reaction is used to create enough
energy to do work of pushing the bullet out of a gun barrel. We can think that
the procedure of gun firing is an adiabatic procedure, meaning all the
heat that has been made is used up in the heating of the products created by
the combustion reaction (Bell, 2009). The Kinetic energy increases when the
products are heated up and according to the ideal gas law, the pressure
increases when the heating process increases. The formula for the ideal gas law
is expressed as PV= nRT and this law states that temperature is relative to volume
and pressure (Bell, 2009). In explosives, as the the pressure produced is increases,
the explosive becomes more powerful and damaging. Also, explosives that produce
the most number of moles of gas at very high temperatures are the most
destructive type of explosives.

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