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Here’s an update on my research.Poverty is a global issue because there are millions around the world that are in poverty and are suffering.

The people affected by poverty are living in terrible conditions. They cannot afford to live in a home and afford to buy food for themselves or their family. A vast majority of the people in poverty are children.

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Because they are in poverty, they cannot afford to go to school everyday and learn. They are sometimes forced to stay home with their family to work and earn money for their family. Being in poverty over a long period of time has shown to be very dangerous for the individual. They cannot afford to get health care and face a higher chance of getting health problems.

The main poverty reduction strategy I want to talk about is focusing on microfinancing and how people criticize it.In the paper I want to introduce my topic by, talking about how poverty affects different types of people in different ways and why poverty is a global issue. Then, I am going to provide my thesis which is: poverty is a global issue that can have negative effects on people and that poverty can be reduced if we give greater opportunities for an education, and make microfinancing more available.

In the next few paragraphs I am going to address the causes of the problem which include limited access to resources such as the lack of water and education. Then, I will give an example of how some people of Africa are lacking these and how it affects their lives. In addition I want to explain that in some cases people get one resource at the expense of another. For example, going off to get water but since the journey was so long that they had to skip school.are at a higher risk towards health problems.


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