Heredity, The answer to these queries can

Heredity, Environment and Personality.Every individual on this earth is divergent from the other. No one person is fully like other person.

Every person varies from the other, whichever physically or psychologically; even the twins are no exception to this: People vary in some aspects or other. Mainly when we look at people from psychological point of view these differences are moderately evident. In numerous cases, children differ from their own biological parents.

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It is true they will have some resemblances with some forefathers or grandparents instead of their parents. What makes these distinctions to exist? What are the causes? The answer to these queries can be drawn from two factors, heredity and environment. Heredity indicates to the genetic heirloom received by every individual at the time of conception. The foundation of every human life can be traced to a single cell called zygote. The union of sperm and ovum forms it.

While in ingenuous term Environment means the society, the fields of society and even the whole world. Nevertheless, the word environment is limited to mean the environment within mother’s womb and just born, as well as the environment throughout the individual.As you ponder on these topics, you may also want ask yourself, what makes you, you? Could it be the genes you were born with, or the environment you were raised in?Discussion:


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