Hence, condition, this requires immediate intervention to

Hence, pro-oxidant/ antioxidant imbalance has been linked to the pathological process of epilepsy with cognitive impairment (Freitas et al. 2009).

Bachelor or spinster living with epilepsy may experience difficulty in getting a suitor to marry due to social stigmatization, dropped out of college because of poor academic performance, get sacked from official duty as a result of low productivity, unable to father/ mother a child due to neuroendocrine dysfunction, and deserted by friends and family. All of these conditions may in-turn lead to profound psycho-social consequences for the sufferers, which may greatly add to the burden of the disease to an extent that such person ends up as a vagabond or committing suicide eventually (Osuntokun, 1972). Thus, status epilepticus is a life-threatening emergency condition, this requires immediate intervention to prevent its untoward adverse effects, especially cognitive deficits and mortality (Chen et al.

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, 2007). Sometimes, individual patients find a cognitive deficit, a consequence of CSE more debilitating than the actual seizures (Newton and Claassen et al., 2015). 1.2 Treatment of Status Epilepticus and Reason for Alternative MedicineThe primary focus of treatment of status epilepticus is the immediate termination of seizure. Accumulating clinical and experimental evidence have shown that early seizure control improves long-term outcome (Suchomelova et al.

, 2006; Glauser et al., 2016) but becomes more recalcitrant to treatment as SE progresses (Mazarati et al., 1998).The first choice of anticonvulsant medication remains benzodiazepines (BZDs) but unfortunately, if SE lasts more than 30-40 minutes, it becomes progressively more refractory to these agents (Jones et al., 2002).

Diazepam is a long-acting, medium- potency BZDs used as an anticonvulsant and for anxiolysis, sedation, and myorelaxation (Fox et al., 2011) because of its interaction with ? 2-containing receptors in the limbic system (Crestani et al., 2001). However, DZP becomes


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