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Hello,I am Ritvik Pant, a native of city well known for its cultureof gratitude . Currently I am pursuing my bachelor degree in CSE withspecialization in cloud computing and virtualization technology from Universityof Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, one of the prestigious university ofIndia.  I have chosen computer science asI am much passionate about science & technology, especially in Artificialintelligence and machine learning, which is taking over the world. Coming to myinterest and hobbies, I love to read stuffs on quora as I like to gainknowledge, as we never know what could be useful when the time comes! Coming tomy self interest I love playing badminton, chess, cricket,reading detectivenovels etc. My leisureting web pages and investigating PCs activitiesare writing codes,crea.

  My goal is to becomea successful software engineer so that I can make life easier for the people Today one of the buzzword in the world is “Design Thinking”,What exactly it is? In simple word it is a methodology used by designers tosolve complex problem and find desirable solutions for the clients.It  is a solution based thinking about a givensituation and working on it to help those who are in need. A designer’s mindsetis solution focused and action oriented towards creating a preferred future,which comes after analyzing all the root cause of the problem. Design thinkinginvolves imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, to explorepossibilities of what could be! and to create a desired outcome that benefitsthe customers.Design thinking can be implemented in the field of ComputerScience.

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Instead of starting with the programming languages we could start withthe design thinking as it will enable us to identify the cause i.e. what do weneed? And to propose our own ideas based on it, basically it will change ourperspective of learning and we could make prototype of it after learning whatis required to build it. In this way we could see the purpose of our learning. The second phase of design thinking model i.

e. Define isbest described in the video Jane Chen: Embrace the entrepreneurial journey. Inthe video the root cause was not only the cost of the incubator but also theconstant supply of electricity, which is an extreme challenge in the ruralareas, so they have to come up with the solution of electricity also. So, itbecomes very important to identify all the root cause of the problem so that itcould be easier to work for the solution otherwise a single negligence in thisphase could only lengthen the time required for the solution. I would like to ask Jane Chen about the prototype making, asit’s not necessary that we have the technical knowledge for the prototype so,how to deal with that?


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