Hello, Clark Venuti. I choose this book because

Hello, my name is Julia and my book report will be on the book “Leaving the Bellweathers” by author Kristin Clark Venuti. I choose this book because it really interests me because it has so many twists and turns and it has so many details. The genre of this book is fiction.

Just like how the triplets stole the Mona Lisa for Benway {the butler}. I will explain more later. The genre of this book is fiction. So, the family that Benway provides for is the Bellweathers. Let me tell you about the parents, Mr.

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and Mrs. Bellweather. Mr. Bellweather has eyebrows that move a lot because in the book it had lots of figurative language about his eyebrows, he also has a great sense of humor when he’s hungry. Mrs. Bellweather is kind of the cool parent, she is also a painter she always touch’s up freshly painted walls that the kids mess up. Speaking of the kids, Spider is their fourteen-year-old, he is the oldest, he is weird, creepy and very intelligent. Ninda is their thirteen-year-old daughter, she is very weird, she likes to bring and hide strangers in the house.

And she did both of those things. They also have triplets, Sassy, Brick and Spike. There nine, there the youngest, there mischievous, there always up to no good, always getting into trouble, and very secretive. They also have an endangered albino alligator, she has four baby alligators, her name is hey girl, she is also snappy to certain people. And finally, Benway, he is the butler, he wrote book on housekeeping, he was loved by the family and was planning to leave them.

The theme of my book is to be grateful for what you have and appreciate the people who stand by your side. The setting of my story is in Eel-smack- by-the-bay, in a light house which was their home. I’m pretty sure Eel-smack-by-the-bay is imaginary and the time spended is 8 weeks, 2hours, and 27 min.

The plot of my book is that Benway is planning to leave and go a cottage far, far away and leave the Bellweathers with another butler and he was writing tell all memoirs counting down the days until he was going to finally tell the family and leave them. I loved the book because it was kind of like mystery because you don’t know if Benway is going to leave or stay. He had this big secret but then people were starting to find out.

I like that it all lead up to one question is Benway going to leave or stay? The best part was when the triplets stole the Mona Lisa for him. I learned to be grateful and notice what you already have. I would recommend this book to friends.

I loved the book it had a great plot. So, in the end Benway stayed. He thought of everything they did for him and how Mrs.Bellweather called him family, so, he knew he was going to stay. So, that was my essay on the book Leaving the Bellweathers.


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