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Hell darts shooting is played all over the world, even the objective can differ according to the regions of the globes and there is a constant of variant: the darts and the target. You can play 301, 501, 801 with two, three or four players, there is another variation: cricket, play it in duel or in teams of two.For the games 301, 501, 801 the player subtracts the points acquired during flights until it gets down to zero. In cricket, however, the player has to reach three times the pre-established zones (15 to 20).The GamesThe principle of this game is quite simple even for those who have never played.

The goal is known to all: Shoot the target, which is most often circular, hanging on the wall facing the participants. This is an extremely popular game of concentration and agility all over the world. Like Peak picke, itis most often practiced in Pub (Bar or other), it will be found on all continents, England as in Holland, Italy, the USA but also on the Asia.The Essential EquipmentWell we all agree that it is possible to make even a target but for darts, unless you are very skilled it is already more complicated, balancing issues and penetration into the air.Before the First World War the arrows were in elm wood, today it has evolved since they are made of fiber and metal. To that add a target of 17 inches 3/4 with its 20 zones and your game will be complete.

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All sections of the target are separated from each other by a steel wire, so in case of percussion of the projectile there is no rebound. Depending on whatever type one will note some variations but we are talking here about the equipment most used by the players.A Distance and a Height to RespectThe bubble (Center of the target) must in the official rules be located at 1m73 from the ground.

Before the player shoots he/she should be positioned at 2 meters and 37 centimeters, it is very precise but that is important. This rule of distances comes directly from the International Federation, it allows for the harmonization of the rules between countries and thus to make the competitions equitable. For these measures to be respected it is of course considered that the wall bearing the target is perpendicular to the ground.The Story of this Game in TimeWith regards to the target it would be derived from cross sections of trees, the ribs of the sections would determine the zones (computation of points oblige). Segments naturally drawn by age during the growth of the tree, it was then enough when a tree was pulled down to recover a horizontal section and to hang it raw on the wall or to enrich it with the help of lines.Britain’s vineyard country also knew how to recycle its barrel bottoms, once it was no longer used for the storage and aging of wine it was then used as a target. It was not until the 19th century when Brian Gamlin, a carpenter by trade first thought of numbering the segments to make the stakes even higher.Time was necessary to have several variants of the game spring forth.

We note for the most known the arrival of the three hundred, cricket, clock and many others. Get a Game for the houseIf your garage door or garden is not yet equipped with a dart board then know that it is easy to get one in stores. On the internet the choice is unlimited, color, materials, size, decoration, it’s up to you. A wide range is available for sale on Ecommerce websites, all wood for purists, plastic to withstand bad weather, with magnet or classic game…


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