Health Skill related components are basically the things

Health related components of fitness are things that help us to stay healthy, perform daily duties, achieve worthy results while competing in different sports and help us fight bacteria’s causing sickness. The five health related components of fitness are; cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

The skill related components of fitness are referred to as how we perform while doing things. Skill related components are basically the things that allow us to perform tasks better and with more proficiency. Some examples of these include; power, speed, agility, coordination, reaction time and balance.

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For a high level of performance during a game of touch football the three most important components of fitness would be Agility, Cardiorespiratory endurance and Power. Agility is when you are able to move your body from one position or one direction to another with speed and precision. Agility is also a combination of balance, coordination and speed, improved levels in any three of these components will increase your agility levels.

During a game of touch football the skills you will require are speed, the ability to dodge, mark and avoid your opponent or run quickly in one direction dodging a player and running in the other direction so, therefore agility will be a large contributor to your skill requirements. Agility can be tested by something called the Illinois agility test, it is a test of your running agility and requires a 10 by 5 metre area with cones set up as shown in this picture. The person being tested is to lie down with their head on the starting line with their arms by their side. When the timer starts you are to get up as quickly as possible, run the track and the time will stop as your foot crosses the finish line. You should aim to finish the course in the quickest time you can. The players ability to turn in different directions and different angles is tested.

Cardiorespiratory endurance or commonly known as aerobic fitness is known as the cardio and breathing side to any activity and how well your heart, lungs and muscles work together to keep your body active over a period of time without fatigue. It is how well your muscles use up the oxygen breathed in during exercise and transform it into energy. Someone who has good cardiorespiratory fitness will perform better in this sport than someone who does not. A game of touch football requires a fair amount of fitness.

Even though in a game of touch there are lots of subs subbing on and off you do not get much rest, as the game is very challenging on your physical fitness as you are required to be continually running. A good way of testing your fitness would either be the bicycle test or the beep test. The beep test is where you set up two markers, 20 metres apart from each other. Beeps will be played and you are to run back and forth between the markers in time with the beeps.

The speed increases 0.5kmh every 60 seconds, if you fail to reach the markers before the beep 3 times you are eliminated. This test will give a good idea of how long you are going to last constantly running on the field. Muscular power is the ability to combine strength and speed and perform an explosive action. People who are strong are not necessarily powerful.

Power is an element of skill-related fitness that is needed to excel in athletic performance. When running towards an opponent, then accelerating to get around them the acceleration requires power in order to get around the defence. This type of movement is very important in touch football as you are constantly charging away from opponents and dodging them in order to get to the try line. A football player with power will still need good muscular endurance, coordination and other aspects of physical fitness as well.

A test to determine how much power you have is called the


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