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Health insurance, a must for all citizens
If as a student you are currently covered by your parent’s health insurance, how will you be covered once you are no longer eligible for coverage on their plan? The assumption is that you will always have health care coverage, but what if you don’t? What if you didn’t have to worry about health insurance at all? What if your right to health care became a fundamental human right resembling free speech or the freedom of religion? This is exactly what Universal Health Care is!! The passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 was a historic achievement in leading our nation’s progress towards fair and affordable healthcare.
Transition sentence: The idea of universal health care is not a new idea in the United States. Theodore Roosevelt campaigned for president in 1912 on a platform that included the establishment of a national healthcare system. In addition, 10 presidents from 1934-2010 enacted laws that in some way expanded the reach of healthcare to more American citizens.
a) Among many wealthy nations, the United States is the only one that does not provide citizens with a government guarantee of universal health care.
*In fact we spend more money on healthcare than any other nation but we also provide less coverage for our people.
* Before the passing of the Affordable Care Act insurance companies were allowed to deny coverage to consumers seeking healthcare if they had a pre-existing condition and deny coverage to existing consumer’s treatments that they needed to further their own profitability.
* A lot of people died or were forced into extreme debt because of the greed that the insurance companies exhibited.
b) With Regard to healthcare issues the United States has been misguided by the ideology that universal healthcare is not a basic human right.
* There are still financial barriers to healthcare that keep inequalities rooted in race, income and social status.
* All of the Insurance Companies in the U.S. are for profit organizations. Should our healthy wellbeing be a profiting tool for companies? Isn’t this an ethical human rights issue that needs to be addressed?
c) The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an important step towards reforming our healthcare system.
*The extended access to medical care helps to shape the economic and social status of individuals and communities.
*It has already extended health care to millions! It provides federal funds to each state for expansion for low income families, it protects consumers from some insurance company abuses, and it eliminates copays and deductibles for preventative medical treatment. Some of those included are contraception, immunizations, mammograms, annual physicals and pre and post natal baby care.
*Oregon is a great example of this! Because of the federal funds they have been able to extend OHP’s reach to many who didn’t qualify previously. They also implemented the healthy kids act which gives every single child access to free healthcare.
d) The ACA now requires health insurers to spend 80-85% of their premium dollars towards coverage of medical costs. Limiting their greed and profitability. But is it enough?
*The collective cost of an underinsured population is much greater than the cost of universal healthcare.
Transition sentence: Universal Healthcare could change our country for the better, because, everyone regardless of wealth or status will have access to healthcare coverage! Thus helping us bridge the gap to all being created and treated equally.
It is both humane and cost effective to insure that all United states citizens receive healthcare. While the Patient Protection and affordable Care Act does not solve all the problems that exist in our present healthcare system, it does represent a historic and important incremental step toward healthcare reform. It will hopefully lead our country to universal and ethical healthcare for every American.
The Demand for affordable healthcare is not a matter of privilege for a few, but should be a basic human right for all!!!

I want to leave you today with one of my favorite quotes: “Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get better its not!” Dr. Seuss

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