Health and social care unit essay

Multi disciplinary working is when several professionals work together with different expertise and they provide care for a person for reasons like they Anton cope or if there are signs of abuse they can stop it through all the professional communication with one another for example doctor will get in touch with the social worker so they can visit the person and see what the problem is. What are the benefits of multi- disciplinary working? The benefits of multi-disciplinary working is They build close relationships with the service user and professionals which results in the service user being able to discuss their problems and fears openly.

Each professional has their own expertise which through working as a team they can improve the care given to the service user. Why it is important for services to work together? Different services working together is important so they can ensure that the service user receive care that meets all their service users physical, emotional, social needs and to also prevent any abuse or neglect from happening and to stop it if it has started. First Case study Michael Michael is 76 years old and lives alone following the death of his wife six months ago. Michael has lived in the house that he shared with his wife for the past 40 years.

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He has no family or friends to help him although a neighbor has been food shopping for him once a week as since his wife’s death Michael has found it difficult to leave the house. Michael has found it difficultly getting up the stairs unaided and since his wife’s death he has been sleeping on the sofa downstairs. Social services are aware of Michaels predicament. However he is frightened that they will put him in a care home if they find out he is struggling to cope in his own home. Michael has been admitted to the nearby hospital on several occasions because he has had a number of falls.

Most of his falls happen when he bends down to turn his fire on. Hospital staffs are worried about Michaels ability to cope on his own and ay it is not safe for him to return home alone. Michael is very distressed by this and has told the hospital that he must go home or he will kill himself. Professionals working together are the Hospital staff and doctors- they have seen him a lot due to his falls and the will need to contact social service so they can given some support with the injuries he has suffered and also because it has happened more than once they can look into the reasons why.

Also social services can get Michael a counselor to help him with is stress and bereavement. Physiotherapist- they an help treat Michael of his injures and they can contact social services to say he need support and need a career. Social services- social services need to talk to Michael and tell him about services that he can receive that will support him like domiciliary care in his own home because he doesn’t want to leave his house they can do the shopping as well as caring for him. Social services need get services like meals on wheels to provide meals for him.

Social worker will need to send him to a counselor to help him with the loss of his wife. A Counselor- Michael is suffering because of the death of his fife this can involve strong emotions of disbelief, denial, anger and guilt he may be feeling so the counselor will help him deal with his loss and give him the opportunity to work through his feelings and listen to him. To help him with his grieving and help him through the problems of not being able to leaving his house and also his being stressed.

Housing organization- housing organizations will need to change or will need to put equipment like stair lifts to help Michael as he is unable to walk up the stairs , adaptation will need to be made so Michael can become more independent and also make his life easier for him. Benefits of multi -disciplinary working Multi disciplinary working will benefit Michael because of all the professional working together they will know what is needs are because they are communicating with one another and this will give him higher quality of care.

They can identify what services he needs and also which can give him support that he doesn’t have. Michael will feel empowered and in control of his own care provision. He will have the chance to receive a wider choice available for example Michael did not want to leave is home so he can chose to not go to a are home but instead get a career to support him and get meals on wheels services.

If they fail to work together the consequences for Michael is he will This will result in Michael losing is independence, personal choice because they don’t know what he is going through because they professionals are not working as a team. Michael will see that care providers contradicting with each other advice and disregarding his wishes for example social services moving him to a care home which can lead to kill himself because that what he told his doctor in the hospital so if they both were communicating with another they would known he wishes to live in his own home.

Once this happens he will give up his on his own care and lose the right and ability to choose for him and also loose trust in the team. Second case study is about Tommy from my work experience in a nursery In my work placement in a nursery there was a boy called Tommy he was three years old he was showed signs that abuse may be taking place because he had bruises on his shoulders and ribs and because they were on place where was not visible to people but only when he plays they can be seen this was very suspicious.

Tommy was down and played alone most of the time but I was told he used to be cheerful and played with all the children. Tommy didn’t like it when people touched him which could have been due to fear of someone was going to hurt him. During meal times Tommy would eat more then the normal and would ask for more food at every meal time. Tommy wasn’t happy during home time this was a concern because all the children was excited to see their parents and happy to go home.

People who should be involved GPO and Doctors- when the GPO doctors saw the bruises on Tommy they will deed to contact the social services to look into the case and reasons why theses marks are there and the social services will visit him and his parents. Social services- social services will need to send a social worker to take the case and see the problems Tommy is facing and if abuse is taking place Nursery staff- nursery staff will need to inform the manger of their concerns they have about Tommy.

Nursery mangers- the nursery manger will need to contact the social services about the their concern regarding Tommy and they will need to make sure that they look into the case Social worker -social rocker will need to speak with Tommy and ask him if he is being abused and then to speak with the parents then they will need to do more investigation and will need to work close with Tommy’s doctors so they can examine him again to show his physical abuse and also the nursery manger on how Tommy’s emotion, social changes.

The nursery will also be investigated All of this can be proof that abuse is taking place so they can call the police who can arrest the abuser Fostering care home- while the investigation is taking place Tommy can live temporally at a fostering care home until they make a cession the person who is caring for Tommy can call his social worker is he tells them any new information. Social services will keep in contact with them if Tommy is going back home or if he will need foster care permanently.

Child Counselor – Tommy/s social worker need to send Tommy to see a child counselor to help him with any emotions he feels and also if he is psychological problems he may be facing. The counselor can keep in contact with his social worker to inform her of his progress. Benefits of multi -disciplinary working on Tommy If all these professionals work together Tommy will be given a chance to live fife without abuse and he will become happier feel safer and secure.

Benefits of the multi- disciplinary working is that all the professionals are able to communicated and finds ways they can meet Tommy’s need by remove the abuse that was happening and also bring other professionals that can help and support him. The benefits for the professionals working together Each professional will provide their own expertise to one another which they can solve and improve care given to Tommy and stop the abuse by collaborating with each other. If they fail to meet to work together the uniqueness will be for Tommy and the professionals.

If the professionals fail to meet and work together then they will not be communication with each other which can prevent Tommy from getting his needs met and can also stop him from getting the help he need stop the abused. This will mean that the all the professional that need to work together will be independently working alone which will make the abuse go on longer then it needs to. By the Tommy’s situation worsen they will start to communicate with each other which will be no help to him because it may be too late for example Tommy can end up dead.

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