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he Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Colorado in Alberta Province. Alberta stretches to the United States and Mexico. The highest elevation of the Rocky Mountain is exactly fourteen thousand four hundred and thirty nine feet. Its coordinates are at 44.2643 degree North, 69.7870 degree West. The Rocky Mountain is specifically located approximately seventy six miles on the NorthWest side of International Airport in the city of Denver which is located in Central Colorado.

The area of Rocky Mountains includes roughly three hundred eighty two thousand, eight hundred and ninety four miles square with the highest point of Mount Elbert. The highest elevation is fourteen thousand, four hundred and thirty nine. The Rocky mountain is one of the largest National Parks in U.S. because of its two hundred sixty five thousand, seven hundred and sixty nine acres of wide open area land. Throughout the year, Estes park, which is located at the northeast side of the park, the temperature maxes out from 38.4 Fahrenheit to 39.7 Fahrenheit, with slight increase in temperature up to 78.

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3 Fahrenheit at max during midyear. Its minimum average temperature maxes out from 16.3 Fahrenheit to 17.6 Fahrenheit with slight increase at the max during mid year. The precipitation levels out more than 20 inches on annual basis.

Usually, the weather is unpredictable. The weather pattern differs every season with rapid changes. AS the altitude has mild weather, with very cold winters, and not to mention, mostly with precipitations. The highest average precipitation amounts are during the months of April, with the level of 1.28, May with the level of 2.02, June with the level of 1.

76 and last but not least, July, with the level of 2.21 at most high. Fun fact, the Grand Lake and Estes park are connected with Trail Ridge Road. You could drive eleven miles above the TimberLine along the Trail Ridge Road with very gentle grade from 5% up to max 7%. It includes the longest continued roads in the country (Snyder). The Rocky Mountain also includes hiking trails which is more than three hundred fifty five miles (Schoch).    About Three hundred million years ago, a old mountain range in the direction of South that eroded away, reformed back to its previous stage which then came to be known as the Rocky Mountains.

This occured by severe periods of plate tectonic activities which eventually resulted in strange landscape more life rugged of the western North America (Frank). The first people who got to live in Rocky Mountains are the Native American tribes. They lived in several areas of Colorado. The Native American tribes each had their own unique name for their nation. Crow, Caddo, Nez Pierce, Shoshoni, Palute and what not (Pettit). They all lived in several areas which is now known to be Colorado. President Woodrow Wilson signed a document of what is now known to be the Act of the Rocky Mountain..

An interesting fact is that it became the tenth National Park in the United States of America. An important figure also had significance In calling the Rocky Mountain a National Park. Enos Abijah Mills. He was an American author, homesteader, as well as, naturalist. He was known to be the main character in forming the Rocky Mountain National Park. There were several geological formations in Rocky Mountains in the past, one is known to be intense period of plate tectonic activities going off. The most orogenic systems usually form between 200 to 400 in miles from a subduction zone boundary inland. There are several glaciers at the Rocky Mountain National Park which includes Andrew Glacier.

Andrew Glacier is known to be the easiest and simplest second route to be able to reach the Continental Divide from the Rocky Mountain National Park in the direction of the east side. The Andrew Glacier extends twelve thousand to eleven thousand and seven hundred feet from Andrews Pass to Andrews Tarn with some unceasing snow extending. There are also other beautiful and mesmerizing giant glaciers with their own unique description that exists at the Rocky Mountain National Park such as: Tyndall Glacier, Gannett Glacier, Dinwoody Glacier and much more. Rocky Mountain does not have much volcanic events or earthquakes to this days, although there were some dangerous earthquakes in the past. The average magnitude would be from 6.5 up to 9.5.

Rocky Mountain was formed by the rocks previous to the tectonic events which raised the mountains. The most ancient rock type is known to be the Precambrian Metamorphic rock type which helps form the North American Continent  core, as well as, Precambrian Sedimentary Argillite which is far from back in 1.7 billions ages ago. Rocky Mountain also includes abundant mineral resources. Minerals that are easily found at the Rocky Mountain includes silver, lead, gold, zinc and many more. Also, The Wyoming Basin location which is a very small area includes a big amount of natural gas, oil, and coal, as well as petroleum.

The way the plates that were shaped during tectonic events, it forced the Rocky Mountain to form approximately hundred miles further than the very edge of the plate. It is known that the Rocky Mountains are still growing just like the Himalayas. The Rocky Mountain has the highest peak at Mount Elbert which is located in Colorado with seventy six millions years of age.    Rocky Mountain is abundant when it comes to plants. It includes plants like Maple which is known as Rocky Mountain Maple with the scientific name of Acer glabrum. This type of plant can can grow from twenty up to twenty five feet in maximum height due to its countless large stemmed shrubs (Shrubs), as well as very colorful contrast from green to red. The leaves change their color to a very bright orange or yellow during fall season.

Wild Rose is another flower which can be easily found at the Rocky Mountain areas. This plant also has a scientific name which goes as Rosa woodsii. Anyone can easily identify this type of flower by just looking at its pink color. One type of tree that be found in the Rocky Mountain area is Blue Spruce, also known as Picea pungens in scientific terms. This tree is capable of growing up to six thousand, and seven hundred feet to eleven thousand, and five hundred feet in height. It also includes ground covers which in this case is the ThinLeaf Alder, also known as the Alnus tenuifolia in a fancy scientific term. It is a common plant and can be found in a very moist locations of the area (Albert). An indicator, if you find low plants that are dark green on the top, guess what? You have found a ThinLeaf Alder Plant.

This kind of plant is known to be easily burnt by the fire. The major animals in the Rocky Mountain areas are the mammals. There are known to be sixty seven native mammal species at the Rocky Mountain National Park area. Unfortunately, mammals like grey wolves and bisons were eradicated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Mark). But, there are some other mammals such as wolverine and lynx that are either eliminated or very rare to be found easily in that open area of national park. However, the most common type of mammals that are seen openly are the moose, as they were not recorded in history in the Rocky Mountain National Park. There are also small species living in that particular area of the Rocky Mountains.

The smallest ones include Spiders, Insects, Millipedes and Centipedes. They have wings and many legs in quantities. However, these species are not well documented by our researchers and scientists as do not have any sort of information as to what kingdom some insects belong to. But, there are hopes to documenting these species that includes multiple legs and wings in the future (Kroeger).

The Rocky Mountain National Park also includes fishes. On some bodies of water, some habitant and inhabitant fishes swims around, circling around each of them. This national park has a good aquatic system which has about seven habitant fishes, as well as four other exotic fishes. When it comes to the population size of the Rocky Mountains National Park. It is overpopulating with animals. Exceeding the sixty range of mammal species, and two hundred and eighty types of bird species, as well as, eleven types of fish species (Cole).

This includes endangered species like Cutthroat Trout, which is a type of fish. It is listed as an endangered fish federally. However, there are some supporting programs made in Colorado specifically to make sure these species survive in long term. It is known as the Recovery Program for Greenback and Colorado River.

They have been around since nineteen seventy five enjoined with the United States FIsh and Wildlife Service (Cole).The Rocky Mountain National Park has its own rules and regulations for people who likes to travel around these kind of sites for the protection of the wildlife wondering around openly in the national park. This national park allows driving for individuals who likes driving or people who just wants to cruise around the national park. The driving starts off from lowland meadows, as well as the aspen groves, followed with the swift flowing river and end up reaching subalpine forest which actually in numbers, it is higher than twelve thousand feet in altitude. There are not much national parks that allows driving with such experience of a beautiful cruise driving with one’s family.

The Rocky Mountains National Park gives an driving individual an extensive selection of great experience. People can also ride horses along the way. Horseback trail riding is one fun activity to perform in national parks which not a lot of individuals are open to this opportunity. The Rocky Mountain National Park also allows variety of fun activities such as: hiking the backcountry, camping at the park areas, being able to climb some cliffs that are meant to be climbed safely, being able to fish at the park waters and much other fun activities. Not to mention, this national park also provides winter activities such as: Sledding at hidden Valleys, watching the winter wildlife, cross-country skiing, Trails for snowshoes rocky mountain, also ice climbing and many other fun winter activities.


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