he children or young people our language

he main differences with communication with people whether that is either with adults , children or young people our language has to be changed while communicating. Showing the correct language and contexts of the subject or point we are trying to explain effective communication will become apparent.

While engaging in conversation to a child or young person we will make explanations and descriptions more exuberant and vivid to paint a picture for added clarity and understanding of whats being said ,this will avoid unnecessary distractions then the child’s attention will remain solely on you.This type of adjustment will come naturally and be subconsciously made, we will tend to make this change if present in a formal setting for example while having a conversation in the workplace will require speaking and conducting ourselves professionally. The biggest variety in terms of how we communicate with adults is they will understand the point briefly and wont need additional information. The way they speak to each other is not in a basic form of language and descriptive way and more of an informal and directly to the point type of conversation while still maintaining and conducting themselves professionally.

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