he Koteshwar is the most quickly-implemented hydro

he Koteshwar project is a vital component of the larger 2,400 MW Tehri Hydropower Complex, the first major attempt to harness the potential of the Ganges River.Koteshwar is the most quickly-implemented hydro project of its type in the nation, according to sources within the Ministry of Power, which commended the project and its owners and contractors. Contractor PCL-Intertech LenHydro Consortium began construction work in April 2007, the first two units were commissioned in March 2011, and the third and fourth units were commissioned in January 2012 and March 2012, respectively.The Koteshwar project is comprised of a 97.5 meter-high concrete gravity dam on the Bhagirathi River, a tributary of the Ganges River, and a powerhouse at the toe of the dam on the right bank that houses four 100 MW turbine-generating units. Each generator is a vertical shaft, semi-umbrella type and is coupled to a Francis turbine.

The turbines, generators, transformers and balance of plant equipment were provided by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. of New Delhi, India.Power generated at this plant contributes considerably to the ability of the Tehri Hydro Complex to provide a combined peak capacity of 2,400 MW to the local grid once the final phase is completed. The complex is operating at a capacity of 1,400 MW.

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The third component of the project, the 1,000 MW Tehri Pumped Storage Plant, is und


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