Having strong working relationship where I can encourage

Havingthe responsibility to care for others who are weak and who suffer from physicaland mental health issues is something I have always respected and admired. Thesepeople encouraged others to be optimistic and assured that one day with theirguidance, their patient will progress and become self reliant.Ifirst discovered occupational therapy during my work experience at a care home whereanoccupational therapist visited to help one of the elderly residents. Thiscareer intrigued me and after having done some research, it is the career pathI want to pursue. The idea of being able to connect with people and build a strongworking relationship where I can encourage and guide them to reach beyond theirgoals is an objective I aspire to achieve. I feel great empathy for the elderlyand I always feel compelled to help them. For 8 years I lived and grew up inthe care of my grandparents. Through old age, my grandma’s ability to move hasbeen limited due to arthritis and she therefore spends most of her day eithersitting down or in bed.

At a young age, there was nothing I could do to helpher situation. That feeling of helplessness propelled my ambition of creating adifference in assisting people to improve their health and lifestyle for thebetter.Havingvolunteered at Penpergwm, I had the chance to experience being a staffassistant at a care home.

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I supported the elderly with their daily activitiesand carried out entertainments such as drawing and painting, which practicedtheir fine motor skills. This experienced allowed me to further understand theexpectations of working with older patients.Iwas also lucky enough to have had the opportunity in assisting teachers inDeri-View Primary School for a week and I have volunteered in crèche, providingextra help to care for infants. With great observation and practice, I learned variousstrategies to help enhance the children’s skills and more than that, I was ableto develop my communication and interpersonal skills.

Analysisof social interaction, practicing in a health care environment and studying thedifferent types of medical conditions, are examples of topics that we learn inhealth studies. The research, teaching and the practice I gain from thissubject is beneficial in learning how to adjust to different situations andenvision the reality of working in a health care setting. One specific topicwas the study of communication where I was able to obtain information on thedifferent forms of communication, barriers to it and how to effectively communicate.I am aware that this is significantly important in the first contact with thepatient and providing baseline information before planning intervention.Throughoutthe year I have enjoyed studying Welsh Baccalaureate because it covered topicsthat enabled us to relate and practice into the real world.

This subjectboosted my organization and creative thinking skills as well as mycommunication skills. These skills will be beneficial for the occupationaltherapy course I would like to study in university in terms of maintainingimportant documented records and being able to strategically think of differentmethods to help patients with different conditions.Completingthe bronze DofE award has advanced my social skills and self-discipline. It haschallenged me to adapt to strenuous activity during the expedition as well aswork together with my team to combine the knowledge we attained to complete theexcursion within the time limit.

Throughmy part time job, I am capable of adapting to different working environmentsand gained self-confidence. Having a job has allowed me to grow as anindependent individual by teaching me how to cooperate and deal with difficultsituations. Overtime I have learned to balance my responsibility withschoolwork and my job. Iam a hardworking, driven student who intends to persevere in achieving my goaland passion to lead people to a more successful independent life. I am ready tocreate my own path and face new challenges that I will encounter.



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