Have you ever made the disastrous decisions essay

Although was saved, my throat was injured because the coin scratched my throat.

As a result, could not eat any hard food for a month, such as my favorite fries and sausage. Gerald Diamond, in his text ‘VVhy DO some Societies make Disastrous Decisions? ‘ argues that societies make such disastrous decisions based on four critical reasons. However, by examining a disaster through Diamond ‘s perspectives of how people make disastrous decisions, I can probably learn from the disaster and avoid it happening in the future. The first reason for making a disastrous decision is failing to anticipate the problem.

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Diamond provides an example of Easter Island, where the islanders logged the forest for their own benefit. In the long run, the forest was destroyed by the islanders logging. However, no longer having those supplies for them to live threatened their lives.

They were on the knife s edge. Living becomes a primary problem for them. In the end, most of the islanders died because they didnt have any resources for them to. The reason for having such tragic end is they didn’t anticipate it. They didn’t have a clue of the consequences if they deforest the island, because they did not now that if they logged too much would become a disaster.For example, the Donner party consisted of 86 emigrants, who attempted to travel to California. However, they didn’t follow the regular trail road and decided to take a new, supposedly short route named Lansford Hastings.

Afterwards, they knew that this route was worse than they thought, and the encountered a lot of rough terrain while they were heading to California. Even though most members of this group once suggested that they should return to the established route, they ignored the advice. As a consequence, they were trapped in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for a horrible winner, leaving half of the party dead.After analyzing two disasters, it can be concluded that people made such disastrous decisions due to the same reason they failed to anticipate the problem. Diamond goes on explaining that ‘They may have had no prior experience of such problems, and so may not have been sensitized to the possibility’. Lacking of prior experience may be one reason for them to make such a disastrous decision. Therefore, learned that even though I have ailed to do something gained a precious experience. From my previous experience of swallowing the coin, I drew a conclusion.

Afterwards, became more careful about putting things in my mouth. Hence, This experience could help me to foresee the problem and avoids the disaster happening again. Secondly, failing to perceive the problem causes people to make disastrous decisions. As we know, China is a country where the population is growing rampantly and is one of the top ten populated countries. It is not an advantage. The overpopulation produces negative impacts in China, such as n insufficient amount of working positions for all citizens.

As a result, the unemployment problem is a major issue in China and that has causes most people died because a lack of personal financial recourses. The reason the population increased so fast is because they did not perceive the problem. China s president Mao Zedong claimed that we could become stronger if we had more people. As a result, people accepted his perspective of having more people. The government supported population growth. Having offspring as often as possible was popular at that time.

As a consequence, China ncreased population quickly and reached a level of overload.Therefor, people made such a disastrous decision because of they failed to perceive the problem. According to Diamond, the third reason people make the disastrous mistakes because societies failed to try to solve the problem.

For example, when was a kid, video games and the conversations were the most popular activities during school time. Nearly all of the conversation with classmates was about how good I was at playing the video games. At that time, the purpose of playing video games was for relaxation and becoming loser to my classmates. As a student, maintaining good grades was my primary focus.However, most of my time was spent playing video games instead of studying. As a result, my grades worsened. After a period of introspection, I realized that I should hit the book and buckle down on studying.

Yet, it was tougher than I thought. Whenever I stopped playing video games and went back to studying. The ideas of playing video games would always distract my mind. As a consequence, my addiction to playing video games caused me to have a bad grade in third grade. In conclusion, ade such a disastrous mistake because failed spend more time studying.

It is too late to solve this problem. The last reason that disasters occur is that the solution to the problem failed. When we hear the name, “Titanic”. We mostly think it is a love and mystery movie, which does not have bad connotations. Contrary to common opinion, the Titanic was more than a movie could depict, it was death, sadness and destruction.

In fact, the Titanic was a luxury steamship and carried three thousand people seaward journey. When the Titanic went through the North Atlantic, there was a huge iceberg in ts path.But people were too late to realize that the iceberg was right in front of them. Even though the ship tried to escape the iceberg by switching directions. At the end, the Titanic sank to the ocean floor after sideswiping an iceberg. Thousands of people were lost in this accident. The Titanic had a catastrophic end in the North Atlantic because people were too late to solve the problem and failed to do so.

Overall, making disastrous decisions is based on four basic factors. First of all, people may fail to anticipate the problem. Secondly, they may also fail to perceive the problem.

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