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Have you ever heard about positive psychology? Well, this is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living. This study says that by thinking in a positive way, people can be gratefully with life.

Also, includes the behavior in the biological, personal, relational, institutional, cultural, and global dimensions of life. This type of psychology is functional for some people who want to feel better with themselves and want to change the way they look life and make it worthy. Some examples of positive psychology are practice a gratefully journal, mindfulness meditation, and “best positive self”. The practice of a gratefully journal help people is a great buffer against negative emotions.

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The main point of this practice is to write in journal three or five things that people are grateful for. The practice needs to be daily, and in a week people should notice the difference, that could be being more grateful and happier than before. Some people belief that this a great exercise because it makes them feel like they have something to be thankful in life, and gives them the strength to continue living but, with a happier mind.

Another example of positive psychology is the practice of mindfulness meditation. This is a focus on the present moment achieved through the directing of attention towards one’s immediate experience, thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations. The roots of this practice are from the Buddhist meditation, and the purpose of this type of meditation is to focus in paying attention to our thoughts and feelings with a sense of acceptance and non-judgment.

The meditation helps people to release them from stress and problems that they have always in mind or from bad experiences. The result for people who practice this meditation is the reductive of stress, increased ability to focus, and relationship satisfaction with themselves. The last practice of this type of psychology is the “best positive self”. This is to write in a piece of paper for twenty minutes a best positive future self that people want to be in all the aspect of their lives.

People who want to try this, need to write the best positive future self for four days in a row. By writing that people start to increase in positive moods and behavior and become happier later. For some people this is good practice that helps them to set goals. Positive psychology had help a lot of people with its theory. These three practices have been helpful in a lot of way but, it is just something that depress people do because they want to feel better with themselves. For me, this positive psychology is just one of all the ways to feel happy even though, that in life not everything is good and easy.


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