Have personally watched it all in one

Have you ever had toface difficult times in your life, such as bullying, teen pressure, suicide or even sexual assault? And you just don’t knowwhat to do. So one night I came across a series called “13 Reasons why “.

It’s basically 13series that is put into one show to make up this great story. It’s about how a group of studenthandles the pressure after one of their fellow classmates and friend Hannah Baker dies of suicide.The story is so good either you going to watch it all in one night or watch it little bylittle. I personally watched it all in one night.. I’m going to give you my review on why I feel you shouldwatch it, or you shouldn’t watch it.

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            13Reasons Why is an important series that strictly discusses bullying, and allthe problems that a lot of teens are facing today inschool. It shows how teens dealt with these types of situations. Please becareful if you are planning on watching this series. I think it was well put together, and very well  disturbing, but it is very extremely importantthat you talk to you children about this issue.

. I’ve heardmany people speak about how the show is too dramatic and sad for them to watch because of being avictim of suicide or sexual assault. I respect anyone’s choice to not watch the series ,however, I found it to be an important series to view.

I would  LEWIS 2caution people to not discourage othersfrom watching 13 Reasons Why if they have not seen the series themselves. It’s not good  to speak about a show from a place of concern. Ihave personally experienced depression  firsthand,but I realize  that many people who are  viewers of this series may not have had these types  thoughts. Hannah takes her own life, becauseshe felt alone, and she didn’t have nowhere to go.

There area series of events that will  lead up tothe moment where she is committed suicide in abathtub. The series shows the dangers of teen suicide and how adults are often unaware of thewarning signs that teens display before they take their own lives. Hannah gradually loses herfriends and family ,and she  begins to separate from others, her grades slip and her appearancechanges drastically. She tries to reach out for help may of times but she go unanswered.

All shewanted was someone to pay attention to her and no one did.            Nowa lot of people have mix emotions about this movie because of many differentreasons. A lot of people says that it glamorize suicide.  The wholepoint  of the show is based on the factthat Hannah try and  blame everyone elsefor letting her commit suicide to herself. She does say that she didn’t care enoughto save herself, but it’s very clear that she was waiting for her family andfriends to save her.

If you don’t catch the signs early, you are to blame them.I don’t personally think the author and the producers of “13 Reasons” intendedthis to be the message for this series . It’s clear they want to make people topay attention, and to watch for signs, be there for people who seem like they arehaving a hard time. It’s a message to stop bullying, spreading rumors, againstrape. My personal reason I feel the tapes of  her explaining what made her to commit suicide glamorize the whole idea .

There areplenty of signs that are being issued to parents and schools before choosing to let students seethis show and for good reason. It’s true that movies and media can make things appearto be what they are not, and some reason a depressed kid may find this good inall the wrong ways.     


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