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Have you ever considered all the pros and cons of Democracy? Have you ever thought that it might not be the best form of government? As stated in the title, in this article you will find all you need to know about it. The term “Democracy” comes from the greek “dimokratia” which means “people’s power”, so, essentially, people make decisions. Most people would say that democracy is the wisest way to rule a country, but is letting everyone rule a good or a bad thing? On one hand we can consider Democracy the fairest form of government, because when it comes to elect a leader, everyone can vote. We can also continue, saying that, thanks to that, the leaders cannot accumulate too much power in their hands: generally a leader stays in charge over 4 or 5 years, which is not enough time to gather an amount of power that could constitute a threat to Democracy itself.

Another positive aspect of this type of administration is that everyone is on an equal footing and  people feel like they really belong to the country they live in, because they are involved in the political life.On the other hand, the positive features are overtaken by the negative ones. Firstly, Democracy is based on majority’s decisions, as such there is a significant risk that minorities are not even taken into consideration. Secondly, leaders and politicians are often overpaid and focus too much on being reelected and on the revenue, instead of concentrating on people’s needs.

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Thirdly, this political system could be suitable in western countries, but could not be in other ones (Eastern or African) due to different political backgrounds. In conclusion, Democracy has its flaws, because we do not live in a utopian society, however, if every voting person was thoroughly educated and made wise choices and if every leader or politician did their duty accurately those flaws could be overcome.Socrates, the father of philosophy, once said that the ability to rule a country is not a random perception that everyone can have, but a skill.

He compared the government to a ship and he asked a question: “Would you let anyone pilot a ship or just competent people?”.  Most people would answer :”Just competent people”, so Socrates answered, saying that government is very similar: not anyone is able to take politic decisions.


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