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Have you ever heard of Einstein’s theory of relativity?Okay, how about  simpler like E=mc square? They were both both created by the famous Albert Einstein. His equation, (E=mc square) became the most famous equation of all time.He contributed his theories and his findings to the world and inspired many in the field of philosophy and physics.Now,here is the story of Einstein and his rise to fame             Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm,Kingdom of württemberg in the German empire.His father,Hermann Einstein, was an engineer.On the Other hand, his mother Pauline Koch was a simple housekeeper.As a young boy, Einstein went to a Catholic school from the age of 5 for 3 years.

At 8 years old,he was transferred to the Luitpold gymnasium (now called the Einstein gymnasium). At one point in his life,Einstein used a doctor’s note to get out of school and travel to Italy to visit his family. During his trip, he wrote a short essay on: state of Ether in a magnetic field. When Einstein enrolled into Polytechnics,Mileva Mari? (his future wife) also enrolled into Polytechnics as well.                       One of Einstein’s most famous accomplishments weremaking the most famous equation: e=mc square (The mass energy equivalence). Another contribution was his well known theory of relativity. He contributed in the field of physics with his findings of the mass-energy equivalence. He also implied the theory of relativity to the universe and that theory is so powerful it can affect time and space itself!           At a young age, Einstein had many problems.

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He wasdoubted because he showed no signs of talent in anything. He refused to speak until he was 4 (although when he did, he surprised everyone by speaking full sentences),and started reading at the age of 7. Another problem is that many famous scientists doubted or proved his theories wrong which left Einstein in the dust. When Albert was a young boy he was funny and always had something to laugh about. As he grew older, he became more focused in his studies and research and occasionally would drop a joke here and there but became more serious in his work.

There was a popular myth saying that Einstein never got his application form back. One day when he was working as a janitor at the school, he found his application form while sweeping. It said he got all passing grades. Another crazy thing the Einstein did, was that he renounced his German citizenship to avoid going into war.         The famous Albert Einstein finally died on April 18,1955 at the age of 76. Albert Einstein assisted many with his information in the areas of physics with his famous theory of relativity.

Albert Einstein went world-wide famous and not just because he started off as a certified genius, but because he had faith and courage in his work. He was dedicated and that is why he succeeded. Albert Einstein showed us many people may not show signs of intellect, but, could surprise you one day with their own specialty.     


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