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Have you ever wondered about the Old 300? I was the one leading them to colonize. I am Stephen Fuller Austin, son of Moses Austin. My father was often traveling with work when I was very young. When I was 11, my father sent me to boarding school 1,000 miles away in Connecticut. My father would often send me long letters from my hometown in Missouri. These letters never said I was missed or loved. He was always telling me to do good and school to be a successful businessman. When I finished boarding school, I moved back to Missouri. The wilderness and the variety of different people changed me. My father’s lead business began to lose money. My father was in debt and needed money to provide for his family. I began to buy large pieces of land, create towns on that land, making the land more valuable, and eventually selling that land. I made money, but not enough to get out of debt. Moses was imprisoned and our house was auctioned off. When he was released, he planned on colonizing Spanish Texas. I moved to New Orleans and was glad Moses didn’t force me to go with him. My father went to go get permission by Martinez, the Spanish governor, in order to settle on the land in Texas. He is rejected. Baron de Bastrop, a friend of Martinez offers to help my father. He is finally granted the land. When he was heading back to Missouri, someone stole his horse and was forced to walk in the freezing weather. Moses’ fever returns and he eventually dies in Missouri because of this. I was told to carry out the colonization process. I was hesitant at first, but I realized my father died to get the land grant. I lead the old 300 hundred to the Gulf Coast and we settled around Brazoria county. These settlers had to be Roman-Catholic, hardworking, and not to cause trouble for the Mexican Government. I will tell you about Moses Austin. I will tell you who he who he was, what he believed and stood for, and why he established this colony. Very First, I am going to tell you who he was. After all, he was my father, so I know quite a bit about him. I may have been gone a few years to attend boarding school 1,000 miles away from my hometown in Missouri, but I still understood him and knew him much better than anyone else at the time. Moses was born in 1761 to a bar owner. As he grew older, he really became obsessed with the idea of fulfilling a quest to earn respect and integrity. He started a store which I cannot remember the name of, he opened a lead mine that would later fail and lead to the colonization of Texas. Last, Moses also founded a town called Austinville in Virginia. He was protestant and believed that you could only enter heaven with hard work. When his lead business failed, he thought he wouldn’t be able to enter heaven, so he was determined even more to fulfill his quest to earn respect and glory. He worked much harder to get the land and people to colonize Texas. Moses was so obsessed with this dream, he walked in freezing weather from Texas to Missouri. He got the flu, which even costed him his life. Anyways, he valued schoolwork a lot. He valued schoolwork so much, he sent me 1,000 miles away to attend boarding school. He also valued providing for the family, which he wrote to me many times when I was at boarding school. He made sure I was focused. When I came home, we had a lot of hard times. As I mentioned earlier, Moses’ lead business began to fall. The company started to lose money and employees. He eventually goes into debt and is unable to pay off his debt. He was imprisoned and the family house was auctioned off. He began to think how to be successful. He decided to colonize Texas with around 300 people. He had to get permission from Martinez, a Mexican governor to receive land to settle on. He was denied the first time, but found Baron de Bastrop, a friend of Martinez. With Bastrop’s help, Moses received the land.  On the way back to Missouri, someone steals his horse. Moses is forced to walk in the freezing weather in order to get back to Missouri. Moses gets a fever. Moses gets to Missouri, but dies a few days later. He told me to carry out the plan to colonize Texas with the “Old 300.”  Second, what Moses Austin believed and stood for. Moses believed in a lot of things. For one Moses really believed in education. That’s why he sent me to school 1,000 miles away in Connecticut. Moses also believed only hard work could get you into heaven. He worked so hard he walked from Texas to Missouri to carry his dream out. Moses also believed when bad things happen, you have to get back up and try even harder.  Last, why Moses Austin colonized Texas. When Moses’ lead mine went out of business, Moses had to get money to provide for his family. He knew a lot of people that needed a fresh start and didn’t want to pay taxes. It was a win-win situation. My father got the money, and the other people got a fresh start and didn’t have to pay taxes. Also, when his lead business went bad, I was buying land, creating towns, and then selling the land, making more valuable. When my father died, I took over the responsibility to settle in Texas. My previous job made it easier to help the Old 300 settle. Also, when I was in Missouri after I graduated boarding school, I was with many different people that I had to get used to. That helped me get accustom to the people I had to settle with. To conclude, remember these facts about my father and the old 300. Remember Who my father was, what he believed in, and why he established this colony in Texas. Moses Austin had a big impact on everyone’s life in Texas. If he lived to see the Old 300 colonize and eventually defeat the Mexicans, he would have been very happy. If it wasn’t for him, Mexico could very well own the land where I am writing this essay. I thank and admire Moses Austin’s determination and hard work, and you should too.?BibliographyA. “Austin’s Old 300 – Home.” Austin’s Old 300 – Home, www.sfaold300.org/B. Kubiak, Len. “The Old 300 Families of Early Day Texas.” Texas History Moses Austin Colony First 300 Families to Settle In Texas, www.forttumbleweed.net/old300.html.C. Reimers, Peggy A. Lone Star Legends. P.A. Reimers, 2006.D. Howell, Kenneth Wayne. Beyond Myths & Legends: a Narrative History of Texas. Abigail Press, 2013.


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